Wolf Tooth Components releases 40mm x 5mm Thick Supple Bar Tape for Gravel Cycling Comfort

wolf tooth supple bar tape review

Wolf Tooth Supple Bar Tape was created for comfort on unforgiving terrain. Supple Bar Tape is 5mm thick, which is twice as thick as most traditional bar tapes. It’s made with the same 100% silicone foam as Wolf Tooth Fat Paw Grips. The excellent vibration damping qualities of this silicone material will absorb the abuse of bumpy roads, chunky gravel, and rocky, root-covered trails.

wolf tooth supple bar tape review

Supple Bar Tape is 40mm wide with tapered edges that are designed to make a smooth, even feel when overlapping bar wraps. The tacky texture provides grip whether you’re wearing gloves or not. The surface of the tape is also washable, which allows the rider to clean off dirt, mud, and sweat to maintain that tacky quality required by off-road riding.

wolf tooth supple bar tape review

Durability is built into Supple Bar Tape. An extended product development process allowed for testing in Minnesota cold, Texas heat, and climates and conditions in between.

gravel cycling in nashville georgia

After multiple product iterations, the final result is a bar tape that is resistant to wear and maintains its soft, tacky, and vibration-damping qualities no matter the weather.

wolf tooth supple bar tape review

Supple Bar Tape Product Details

  • 5mm thick
  • 40mm wide
  • 315 grams

Extra thick. Extra-wide. Extra soft. Extra tacky. Designed for the abuse of unforgiving trails. Keep your hands extra comfortable when the road gets extra rough.

gravel cycling in nashville georgia

100% silicone foam compound. Customize the feel of your handlebars with varying levels of overlap. The 5mm-thick and 40mm-wide material creates the same thickness and comfort in one wrap that would take multiple layers of traditional bar tape.

Vibration Damping. Extra thickness absorbs every bump on the road.

wolf tooth supple bar tape review

Washable surface is resistant to wear and packing out.

Tacky texture keeps your hands from slipping in all weather with or without gloves.

Self-fusing silicone finishing tape included for a clean finishing touch.

wolf tooth supple bar tape review

Wolf Tooth Supple Bar Tape is initially available in black with more colors to come. The retail price is $39.95. Find it on wolftoothcomponents.com and wherever Wolf Tooth is sold.


  1. Avatar Ron

    It looks spongy – does it absorb/hold water?

    • JOM JOM

      Untested at this time… K-Dogg will be our guinea pig… he’s a known double bar wrapper.

  2. Avatar Ron

    Off topic but I must say the new Factor LS really looks like it was custom made for me, geometry wise! Do you have a Factor LS on the test horizon?

  3. Avatar GCWANNABEE

    KDogg’s bike now weighs 25lbs…and is front heavy.

  4. Avatar David

    Supple Bar tape dramatically increases the diameter of the bars. I tried it on my Lynskey gravel bike, which has standard diameter bars. It is a bit trickier than standard bar tape to wrap due to the thickness. It has great cushioning, especially on the tops, and is just the right level of tackiness for me. However, it makes the reach to the levers undesirably long from the drops, even with the reach adjustment on my Shimano levers set to minimum, so I will be swapping out the tape. (I prefer the levers closer than on my road bikes to make grabbing them easy even on a rough descent. Also, on the inside circumference of the drops, the bar tape is thicker because it overlaps more, which is exaggerated with thicker tape). I wear small gloves so YRMV; with bigger hands, it probably doesn’t matter much. I’ll go back to 3mm tape and use bar gel on the tops or doubling up the tape there.

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