VIDEO & Photo Feature: Redshift Sports ShockStop Seatpost – Sea Otter 2018

“Redshift Sports was founded in 2013 by Stephen, Erik, and Scott with the goal of making components that help cyclists and triathletes ride further, faster, and more comfortably on the bikes they already own.  We are a small group of mechanical engineers who happen to be avid (if somewhat average) cyclists and triathletes.”

redshift shockstop suspension seatpost

“In late 2015, we launched our second product – the ShockStop – on Kickstarter. The response was again fantastic and with our backers help we were able to bring the ShockStop to market in 2016.” See our review of the ShockStop Suspension Stem HERE.

redshift shockstop suspension seatpost

For 2018 / 2019, Redshift will manufacture an adjustable-stiffness suspension seatpost, that smooths out your ride. The product is deemed perfect for gravel, road, commuter, mountain, and e-bikes.

Brief Demonstration Video

redshift shockstop suspension seatpost

The spring rate and pre-load can be adjusted from the base of the seatpost, to suit one’s riding style and local terrain.

redshift shockstop suspension seatpost
Image by Redshift Sports.

The post features 35mm of travel, so it should take the edge off some of the bigger hits, especially when riding along a gravel road.

redshift shockstop suspension seatpost

“The ShockStop Seatpost suspends your body, isolating you from the imperfections of the road and trail. We optimized the travel and suspension kinematics to provide a plush, bottomless feel.”

redshift shockstop suspension seatpost

How Does It Work?

“The ShockStop has an internal spring which applies force on the seatpost’s four-bar linkage, which in turn suspends the saddle and rider. As you ride, the seatpost allows the bike to move under you as it encounters uneven terrain, which reduces the accumulated effects of bumps and vibrations by up to 60%.”

redshift shockstop suspension seatpost

You may be wondering, how does the ShockStop Suspension Seatpost compare to similar seatposts from other manufacturers. Rather than re-invent the wheel, check out this link.

redshift shockstop suspension seatpost

“The ShockStop Seatpost will fit any bike that has a round seatpost 27.2mm in diameter or greater (the vast majority of bikes).”

The ShockStop Seatpost is available on a pre-order order basis through Kickstarter (link at bottom). As an indication of how in demand this product is, the original pledge goal of $US 20,000.00 has been far surpassed (currently at $US 394K with 2,019 backers as at 10/5/2018).

Thanks for watching!

ShockStop Suspension Seatpost Kickstarter

Redshift Sports

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  1. Avatar JWilli

    Just to keep things fair and balanced…those of us who run a Di2 seatpost battery will have to figure out a different location for the battery.
    Also, not that I’m a weight weenie, the post is almost 500 grams. That added weight may be made up for in reduced fatigue over a long ride, don’t know.

    • JOM JOM

      Back to external battery! Honestly, I prefer the external battery, so easy to swap in the event you’re running a wee bit low.

      This seatpost definitely isn’t for everyone, and already, someone has left an amusing comment on the Facebook page linking to this article 🙂

    • Hi JWilli – this is Erik from Redshift. Just wanted to let you and everyone know we are actually planning to make a special version of the bottom insert that will be compatible with Di2 batteries. So people will have a choice to go external or in the post. More details to follow. Thanks

      • JOM JOM

        Always a good sign of fab customer service when a manufacturer makes a comment. Erik, thanks for chiming in!

        • Hi JOM – my pleasure. Happy to answer any other questions that people may have.

    • Avatar Edward Ng

      500 grams sounds like a lot compared to a fixed post, but compared to other suspension posts, is solidly on the lighter end of the spectrum.


  2. Avatar Bobkny

    Looks like a great stocker post for my old Cannondale Tandem. Mrs. K. would appreciate the cush. Maybe a good choice for an older hardtail mountain bike as well. I own a Thud Buster which I used on an old Trek hybrid as my first gravel bike. The Thud Buster really didn’t work that well for me. This looks like a better design. But adding almost a pound of extra weight to my steel gravel bike, which already weighs 21 pounds, is not appealing. I agree the JOM ‘s comment- wider tires at lower pressure is perhaps the best suspension solution for gravel bikes.

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