VIDEO Feature: Henty Enduro Backpack Hydration System + Tool Belt – Sea Otter 2018

Hydration for endurance gravel cycling events can be a challenge. Some riders prefer to carry a stack of water bottles, whilst others prefer a hydration system that resides on one’s back. For those in the latter camp, Henty Cycling Luggage offers an alternative to lugging around water (and tools) directly on your back. The Henty Enduro Backpack hydration system resides nice and low, and promises to keep the dreaded sweaty back to a minimum. Details inside the video below.

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Henty Cycling Luggage

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2 comments on “VIDEO Feature: Henty Enduro Backpack Hydration System + Tool Belt – Sea Otter 2018

  1. Jayson, I meant to mention this on your “cracked” report where you ran out of fluids. I have used all sorts of hydration packs, mostly back packs, over the years. My preferences have moved to smaller and smaller packs, and finally down to the a “fanny pack” because of the comfort factor.
    I’m in maybe hotter and more humid climate than you (Central Texas), and there is just no way that two bottles last for three hours in this local, especially mountain biking, which I do more of than gravel/road. I decided to resurrect the following waist pack for a recent gravel race after both bottles were ejected and I had to resort to bungees. It worked great and now my “go to” for gravel.
    Give it a go, and I think you’d be surprised how well it works!

  2. I think this is an interesting piece of equipment, but I’m concerned that the bladder shown in the picture would not deliver more than half the contents. Am I missing something here?

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