Update from Fara Cycling on the new F/AR – Integrated Bags & More!

Fara Cycling F/AR All-Road Bike Review

“Building upon everything they’ve learned in the past five years, Fara Cycling has achieved its vision of creating the ideal bike for mixed-surface adventures.”

Fara Cycling is stoked to bring everyone an update on the brand new F/AR. The first frames are rolling off the production line in their factory in Taiwan and they look absolutely stunning. They can’t wait to see what sort of adventures their customers are going to embark upon with the new design. We are also happy to announce that over half of the first allocation is already sold out. The team at Fara has been humbled by the response they’ve received from all over the world and is working harder than ever to get everything ready for shipping in August.

Fara Cycling F/AR All-Road Bike Review

Check out the video below from founder Jeff Webb sharing an overview of the new F/AR:

With the all-new F/AR, Fara is changing the way bikes can be purchased. By doing so they want to be as transparent and accessible as they can possibly be. So feel free to reach out to Fara with any questions or, when possible again, considering visiting their experience centre in Oslo.

Fara Cycling F/AR All-Road Bike Review

Tyre Clearance

There have been a lot of questions about the bike, so here are the answers. Lots of questions came about the tyres and the tyre clearance. As Fara wants to offer everyone maximum customizability, you can fit all sorts of treads, even studded tyres for riding on ice. You can full-slick up to 38 mm and 35 mm low-knob treads like the Panaracer GravelKing Semi-Slick.

Fara Cycling F/AR All-Road Bike Review


As shipping goes, Fara is happy to tell you they ship around the world. It might cost a little extra to send them to you when you live further away from Norway but all well within reason. Check out the website for all country-specific details. Depending on when you registered for pre-order the bikes will start shipping at the end of May. Definitive timing will be communicated to you personally when we get closer to actually shipping out your bike. You’ll receive the bike partially assembled for safe shipping and after some light assembly, you’re ready to hit the road.

Fara Cycling F/AR All-Road Bike Review


A lot of Fara’s customers want to build up the F/AR themselves, so naturally, you can only buy the frameset to build it up with all your own favourite components. This will save you some money and will only cost €2499,-. When you opt for a pre-assembled bike they offer different component options from Shimano Ultegra R8020 build and Fulcrum RapidRed 3 wheelset to a fully spec’d out F/AR fitted with Shimano’s Ultegra R8070 Di2 Groupset.

Fara Cycling F/AR All-Road Bike Review

Fenders & Integrated Bags

During the pre-order campaign, Fara Cycling offers the complete Integrated baggage set as well as a perfectly fitted fender set, free of charge. If you already have a bike but are interested in the frame bags, they will offer them separately. You won’t have the easy click mounts but they’re made in such a way that you can mount them on any bike using good old straps, provided that they fit your frame. The fenders will fit perfectly in the Integrated Stealth Fender Mounts. These mounts can also be used for a light rack to pack even more baggage for extended trips or groceries.

Fara Cycling F/AR All-Road Bike Review


From June onwards, customers will get access to the configuration tool on the website to finalize your F/AR design. You’ll be able to choose the colour of your frame, as well as sizing and full component configuration. The Signature Edition – Carbon Pearl Reflective is only available if you order now, other magical colours to choose from are Fjord Green, Wet Asphalt, Winter Sky Blue, and Morell red (a type of sweet Norwegian cherry). With our configuration tool, you can also opt for the Frameset Only option.

Fara Cycling F/AR All-Road Bike Review

The pre-order window is still open so secure your place in the queue now and get the full set of integrated bags and the bespoke fenders free of charge at launch.

Fara Cycling F/AR All-Road Bike Review

About Fara Cycling

Fara Cycling is a Norwegian bike brand that began in Stjørdal, Norway in 2016. Now located in Oslo, the founder, Jeff Webb, is a former professional cyclist who looked to improve the customer experience and the way cyclists purchase their bikes. The team at Fara Cycling all have serious experience on the bike with long rides around the world, as well as on their regular work commute mixing in unpaved variety when inclined.

Fara Cycling F/AR All-Road Bike Review

Born from the principles of Nordic minimalistic design and highly influenced by the Norwegian environment, their bikes are built to the most rigorous standards from the world’s finest components. Their collection of performance bicycles is made to be ridden by the most passionate and dedicated cyclists.

Fara Cycling Launch Website


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