Tout Terrain launches the Scrambler Xplore GT – Pinion Gearbox, Belt Drive & Cinq Shift:R Drop Bar Shifting

“If you are riding (or considering) a Pinion equipped bike, your ONLY shifter options have been the rotary shifters provided by Pinion…. until we at Cinq decided to do something about it.” – Tout Terrain

pinion cinq shift:r shifters
The original rotary shifters are not so handy.

“The Cinq Shift:R for Pinion project showcases two new bicycle shifting systems designed for use with Pinion gearbox drivetrains. The Shift:R Road for Pinion provides improved performance and ergonomics for drop-bar bikes, while the Shift:R Tour for Pinion does the same for flat-bar equipped bicycles.”

pinion cinq shift:r shifters
Shift:R for drop bars is much better.

The Shift:R technology is the first to integrate a road shifter-brake lever with the Pinion C-Series gearboxes.

pinion cinq shift:r shifters

“The result of our cooperation with the leading brake manufacturer TRP is a unique, ergonomic shift solution for Pinion equipped bikes. Integrated with the hydraulic TRP disc brake, the bikes are delivered with the Shift:R Road for Pinion and road (drop-bar) handlebar. For the first time, it is possible to combine a drop-bar cockpit with integrated shifter-brake levers on bikes with a Pinion transmission.”

pinion cinq shift:r shifters

“The system incorporates Cinq’s second generation Shift:R technology. Developed specifically for the Pinion C-Line gearboxes, the Shift:R Road for Pinion opens up a whole new world of performance Pinion equipped drop-bar bikes. Gravel bikes with the Pinion transmission are now a reality.”

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Tout Terrain Scrambler Xplore GT

“If you are a bike explorer – searching out routes that improvise doubletrack, singletrack and broken roads –  the Scrambler may very well be your new best friend. With big tires and the option for flat- or drop-bars, the handling remains on the lively side but the focus is on grip and comfort rather than outright speed.”

pinion cinq shift:r shifters

“The sporty riding position emphasizes efficiency and control, keeping you low enough while tucked in the dirt drops, but comfortable enough for to grind out the hours on your next gravel endurance race. Those wanting to take some cargo on multi-surface adventures can load up to 60 kg via front and rear racks or bikepacking bags. There are also frame and fork mounts aplenty.”

“The tubeless ready wheelset can be configured with up to 27.5×2.1″ tires, and the Scrambler can be spec’d with a variety of components, lighting, and rack options to suit your riding style and terrain.”

Dean Titanium Gravel Bike with Pinion & Cinq Shift:R

pinion cinq shift:r shifters

Tout Terrain


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