“The World’s Most Versatile Bicycle”: Pine Cycles announces the USA-Made Rasa – Accepts 700×35, 650×48 & 26×2.3 Tires

pine cycles rasa bike review

Pine Cycles debut frame the RASA is designed to accommodate 700×35, 650×48, and 26×2.3 tires with disc or rim brakes. Custom dropouts, featuring 3 separate interchangeable inserts make the RASA the world’s most versatile bicycle. 

pine cycles rasa bike review

The Columbus Zona Steel Tubing welded in the USA delivers the exceptional ride quality renowned with high-end butted steel frames. Pine Cycles resurrected the 1 ¼” headtube standard that has been dormant since the early years of mountain biking. This custom headtube allows for a slim, elegant, and remarkably lightweight headtube compared to the 44mm or larger headtubes traditionally found on Disc Brake Bikes. 

pine cycles rasa bike review

The high-quality tubing, ultra-slim headtube, standard English BB, and custom dropouts all contribute to an impressive frame weight of 4.09lbs / 1859g for a size 56, making it one of the lightest steel production frames available for road and gravel. 

pine cycles rasa bike review
650b Mode

Geometry is designed for all-day comfort with impressive acceleration. With slightly taller stack and shorter chainstays than are often found on many of today’s gravel bikes, the RASA offers exceptional comfort and ride feel, while being incredibly responsive when the power is put down.

pine cycles rasa bike review
26’er Mode

The RASA is a true do-everything bike. The frame can be built up with disc brakes and multiple wheels to utilize the versatility. Or assembled as a purpose-built: all-day road bike, gravel bike, tracklocross bike, light touring bike, commuter bike, dirt road bikepacking bike and so many more. No matter how the RASA is built up now, different configurations can be adapted if interests evolve down the road.

pine cycles rasa bike review
Roadie Mode, Rim Brakes

Tech Specs

  • Steel Frames Proudly Made in USA
  • Columbus Zona Tubing,  Front & Rear Triangle
  • Custom 1 1/4” Headtube compatible with S.H.I.S EC37/EC37 Headsets 
  • S.H.I.S. EC34/EC34 Headsets also compatible with reducer
  • External Routing under downtube / Internal under top tube 
  • Max Tire Clearance 700×35, 650×48, 26×2.3
  • Max Chainring: 1x – 44T / 2x – 50T/34T
  • 28.6mm band on front derailleur
  • 29.8/30.0mm Seatpost Collar
  • 68mm Threaded BB shell
  • 3 Sets of Bottle Bosses
  • 27.2mm Seatpost
  • 4.09lbs / 1859g Frame weight (Size 56)

pine cycles rasa bike review

Fork Options

  • Carbon Disc Brake – Allied All Road Fork / 12×100 Axle / 48mm Rake / 375mm A to C
  • Steel Disc/Rim Brake – Pine Segmented Fork / QRx100 Axle / 50mm Rake / 375mm A to C

pine cycles rasa bike review

Other Compatible Forks Sold Separately 

  • Carbon Rim Brake – Whisky No.7 RD+ Mid Reach Fork / QRx100 Axle / 45mm Rake / 375mm A to C
  • Carbon/Alu Rim Brake – Wound Up Commuter Fork /  QRx100 Axle / 45mm Rake / 376mm A to C

pine cycles rasa bike review

Pine x Lichen RASA Dropouts with optional inserts:

  • 12×142 Flat Mount / Disc Brake (rack/fender mounts optional)
  • 135×10 Quick Release / Rim Brake (rack/fender mounts optional)
  • 135×10 Horizontal Track / Rim/No Brake (rack/fender mounts optional)

Additional Photos

Complete List of ALL Compatible Tires, Brakes & Rims

pine cycles rasa bike review
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pine cycles rasa bike review
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pine cycles rasa bike review
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pine cycles rasa bike review
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  1. Avatar Ian

    D’oh! And I had just placed my order for a custom 853 Rourke gravel bike with rim brakes…

    • JOM JOM

      I didn’t know Rourke was still around. I have a Rourke Ti CX bike kicking around.

  2. Avatar Ian

    Hmm, didn’t know they did Ti. They don’t seem to now, seems mostly 725, 853 or 953.

    They seem to be busy still, I know one other guy waiting for a build and regularly pass a local rider with 3 of them!

    • JOM JOM

      I suspect this frame is early or mid 2000’s.

  3. Avatar Joe

    Roark did custom to out of Indianapolis. I believe Rourke to be a separate operation.

    • JOM JOM

      Hi Joe, oops on my part, appreciate you chiming in. My Ti frame is indeed a Roark out of Indy. Sorry Ian!

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