Ritte Cycles launches US-Made Titanium Gravel Bike

ritte satyr titanium gravel bike review

Ritte goes back to their roots, manufacturing their newest gravel bike in America 

Ritte has a rich history of American manufactured bicycles. From boundary-pushing mixed medium metal and carbon bikes like the Muur to the timeless, stainless steel Snob – Ritte has built many of their most iconic bikes in small batches in the United States.

ritte satyr titanium gravel bike review

Ritte’s original gravel bike, the Satyr was manufactured out of steel in Taiwan, a collaboration with legendary custom builder Tom Kellogg. Now, for generation two, Ritte has advanced the design even further under Kellogg’s guidance. The first batch of Satyr 2.0 frames is being manufactured in the United States out of titanium, a material that Kellogg was one of the original pioneers for in bicycle use.

ritte satyr titanium gravel bike review

The updated Satyr 2.0 expands its tire clearance to an enormous 700x50c while opening up  650b compatibility (up to 2.2”) – the first for any Ritte. Most strikingly, this limited production frame is built out of titanium – utilizing tubing, shaping, and geometry specified by Mr. Kellogg and fabricated in Portland, Oregon.

ritte satyr titanium gravel bike review

The newest addition stands out from the rest of the Ritte range, with oversized titanium tubing that is swaged, ovalized at key junctions, and shaped for clearances with superb ride quality and handling in mind. As with all of the Kellogg collaboration Ritte models, the bikes are designed with size-specific tubing and fork rakes. Speaking of forks, the partnership between  Ritte and Enve continues – the new bike is equipped with Enve’s Adventure fork for larger tire clearance and more mounting point options.

ritte satyr titanium gravel bike review

“US-made bikes are something we’ve strived to keep in the lineup, they are something we are incredibly proud to be able to offer. After a few years without a US-made model, we’re excited to be back. This bike represents everything we’ve learned about tube design and geometry in a  package that will give incredible versatility for on/off-road riding.” Says Ritte’s Elijah Grundel.  “It’s an evolution of our first gravel bike that really lives up to its namesake.”

ritte satyr titanium gravel bike review

That namesake, a mischievous woodland mythic creature of ancient origin, is more applicable than ever. The Satyr 2.0 in titanium is most certainly Ritte’s rowdiest yet most refined ride to date. Full specs can be seen below or at https://ritte.cc/products/satyr-ti

ritte satyr titanium gravel bike review

Ritte Satyr 2.0 Titanium Details

  • Manufactured in Portland, Oregon following specification developed with Tom Kellogg
  • Oversized titanium tubing
    • Including a swaged / tapered top tube for a combination of direct handling, front  end stability, and compliance 
    • Ovalization of tubing at all key junctions for increased strength
  • T47 Bottom Bracket w/ internal cable routing through the shell
  • Flat Mount disc brakes and 12×100/12×142 thru-axle standard
  • Compatibility with 1x and 2x drivetrains in electronic and mechanical shifting
  • Dropper post ready
  • Clearance for massive 700x50c and up to 650×2.2” tires 
  • Featuring an Enve Adventure fork
  • Frame weight of 1590g in Medium 
  • Many optional finishes including brushed, bead blasted, custom paint, anodize, and more • Limited production of 20 framesets – shipping in early July
  • Frameset retail price of $4,450 with complete SRAM AXS builds starting from $6,950

ritte satyr titanium gravel bike review


ritte satyr titanium gravel bike review


  1. Avatar Leo Hauser

    Ritte needs to go away, the brand is tired and the people behind it are all suspect.

    For anyone looking at Ritte, pick up a Blackheart instead. Ti wan makes great bikes.

    • Avatar advcyclist

      Leo, please explain that comment; “the people behind it are all suspect”. I’ve long appreciated Ritte’s tongue-in-cheek approach to bike culture… really they are more of a counter-culture brand within cycling and embrace that weirdness… We should all be so bold as to embrace our weirdness and not be so enamored with tradition for tradition’s sake.

    • Avatar Mickey D

      Mr Hauser,
      Whatever happened to “No Love For Haters”, The Blackheart bicycle co motto? At least try to stay on brand with your shilling!

      TK’s ti design chops are unrivaled- going back to the very first production ti road frames for Merlin in the mid 80’s, he then designed hundreds of the most evolved custom ti frames for Spectrum customers over 20+ years, with more than a handful of bikes raced to world and national championships in multiple disciplines. The guy also descends like an absolute animal on dirt roads.

      So that’s the guy that designed it, and it’s built in a corner of the Chris King factory…

      all a bunch of sketchy players!

  2. Avatar Ron

    How inappropriate a comment. Trollish, even.

  3. Avatar BlackHeart Bike Co

    Looks like a sick bike to us!

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