PRO Expands Discover Gravel Line: New Bags & Handlebar Offerings!

“PRO continues to expand its Discover line of gravel components and bags while also introducing key new carbon and aluminum road handlebar offerings. Three new Discover “Team” bags are introduced while several bags were updated to provide better performance. PRO’s PLT and Vibe handlebar lines offer new models for 2021 that showcase numerous ergonomic features, and a new LT-series gravel handlebar debuts with a broad range of sizing options.”

New Discover Bags for All-Around Adventures

“PRO’s popular all-weather Discover bags continue to gain momentum and showcase new product designs and models. Five new Discover bags are introduced for 2021, with three in a special new Discover Team line, while two bags have been redesigned.”

pro discover bag reviews
Team Top Tube Bag, .7L capacity, 80g, $US 70

“Discover Team bags debut in a unique black colorway and feature a lighter weight, waterproof construction that is durable for any adventure. The new Discover Team bags are up to 45% lighter weight than the standard Discover bags.”

pro discover bag reviews
Team Seat Bag, 10L capacity, 310g, $US 160
pro discover bag reviews
Team Frame Bag, 5.5L capacity, 150g, $US 120

“Additional Discover bag line improvements and additions include the debut of a new Handlebar Pack that is designed to carry smaller items and can be attached to the existing handlebar bag or separately to the bar. The Discover Top Tube bag and the Discover Frame Bag were redesigned for 2021 and include new features and design elements that improve access and performance.”

pro discover bag reviews
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New Discover & LT Gravel Handlebars

“Following its successful debut in a carbon fiber composite construction, PRO introduces a similar Discover Alloy Handlebar for gravel riders that
features a 20-degree flare. The new Discover Alloy Handlebar has a 5-degree back sweep for better hand positioning and ergonomics, a 110mm drop and 75mm reach.”

pro discover LT Gravel Handlebar review
LT Gravel Handlebar

“New for 2021, PRO has introduced the LT Gravel handlebar for gravel riding that has the widest reach, the shallowest flare and also the lowest price point in the lineup at $50 MSRP. The LT Gravel has a 100mm drop, 65mm reach, and a 10-degree flare. It is available in 40, 42, 44, and
46 widths.”

pro discover LT Gravel Handlebar review
LT Gravel Handlebar

Discover Alloy Handlebar:

  • Semi Di2 compatible
  • Widths: 40, 42, 44
  • 270 grams
  • MSRP: $US 80

Detailed LT Gravel Handlebar specs unavailable at this time.

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