Press Release: Time Sport releases the Cyclo Pedal for the Gravel Road

Time’s new entry into the gravel pedal market is a case of Road Performance meets Gravel / Mountain function. Time is reasonably well known for their line of road and mountain bike pedals, but with the Cyclo, this model takes the width and stability of their road pedals, and combines them with the ease of use of a mountain bike system, including the necessary function of top-notch mud clearance.

time cyclo gravel pedals
Cyclo 10 Model

From Time themselves: “Our newest road pedal line, Cyclo, offers the ease of entry of Xpresso with the two-hole cleat pattern of mountain pedals. With this combination, a rider can use mountain bike shoes and have the performance features of a road pedal. Great for gravel riding, Grand Fondos, and Cyclo tourism.”

time cyclo gravel pedals
Cyclo 10 Model

A Pedal Designed for Cyclotourism and Gravel Cyclists

“The practice of cyclotourism has existed for many years. Cyclists had to choose MTB pedals or unsuitable road pedals which made walking difficult. At the same time, with the growth of Gravel bikes, cyclists who practice this discipline have a need for lightness, performance and a large surface area, while having the opportunity to walk with the cleats. That’s why TIME has developed a pedal completely dedicated to these practices and the need of these users. With these new pedals, a cyclist can now ride and walk with their mountain bike shoes, while having a powerful pedal to accompany them throughout their outings.”

time cyclo gravel pedals
Cyclo 6 Model

New MTB I-Clic Technology

“The I-CLIC technology is a patent developed by TIME in 2011. This interlocking system ensures that our road pedals are the easiest and fastest to hit the market. For the development of the new Cyclo-Gravel pedal, we developed a new I – Clic concept for use with MTB cleats, and thus deposited a new patent on the function I – Clic dedicated to MTB. This ensures speed and ease of single footwear.”

time cyclo gravel pedals
Cyclo 6 Model

The First Carbon Cyclo-Gravel Pedal on the Market

“Many cyclo now exist in carbon to provide both lightness and rigidity. However, no carbon pedal had been created to meet the needs of these disciplines. With a carbon body, the CYCLO 10 is the lightest pedal in its class. It also has a large platform offering a very good power transfer and pedaling comfort.”

time cyclo gravel pedals
Cyclo 2 Model

Stainless Steel Platform

“A stainless steel sheet is added to the platform of the pedals Cyclo 10 and 6 to strengthen the areas most stressed by the friction from the shoe.”

time cyclo gravel pedals
Cyclo 6 Model

Micro-Adjustable Tension

“A secure connection with tight coupling and tension adjustment ensures great power transfer, support, and performance. A touring cyclist looking for an easy step-out could choose the low tension position whereas a racer would opt for the high tension to have more security in all conditions.”

time cyclo gravel pedals

Time Sport


  1. Avatar Ron

    These look great. I’m super-curious as to how these work…

    • Avatar Carlos

      Hi Ron,
      If you are familiar with the Time Xpresso road pedals they work pretty much the same way except with a MTB cleat/shoe instead of a road shoe/road cleat.

      The Time iClic system is pre-opened. When you step into the pedal it closes the retention bar. This makes it super easy to clip into the pedal as you are not forcing anything open. Once engaged it holds the cleat securely. Clipping out forces the retention bar back into an open position until you clip in again.

      I’ve been testing these for a month. It mixes the nice platform – good for longer rides – and ease of engagement of Time road pedals with the compactness of their ATAC mtb pedals and cleats. This gives you a walkable shoe option for road riding and a lighter pedal/bigger platform option for gravel as opposed to using a dedicated mtb pedal.

      I see myself using this pedal for both road and gravel. Probably replacing my road pedals unless I do some racing. Even then, they are light and small and would easily make it around a crit or road coarse with some light mtb shoes.

  2. Avatar Ron

    Hi Carlos,

    Do you step into these as with ATAC pedals, or do you need to do something special? The only pedals I’ve ever used have been ATAc or Crank Bros.

    • Avatar Carlos

      If you’ve used ATACs they will be no problem stepping in. I think it’s actually easier than an ATAC due to the iClic system.

  3. Avatar Bill Taylor

    I have been using Shimano XT pedals on my OPEN but have to say I’m a little frustrated with clipping in. What are you thoughts around the LOOK setup and how do you feel they compare to the Shimano range of MTB and Road set up..?

    • JOM JOM

      Hi Bill, I have a pair of the Look MTB pedals but have zero miles on them at this time. I know that isn’t the answer you want to hear, but they are fully compatible with Shimano’s MTB lineup.

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