Press Release: The Zilfer Cycling Phone Wallet – Is it for you?

“How often does a brand suggest that you stop a moment before you buy their product and check that it is right for you? Most brands are SELL, SELL, SELL and every last decimal point counts when converting customers. Sales are more important than everything else including customer satisfaction. The cycling world is no different and I have been involved in meetings where distributors and bike shops are given targets move the stock by which-ever means possible, even when a bike is not right for the customer.” – Christopher Jones, Communications Manager,

zilfer cycling wallet

“I am looking after a young brand from Sydney called Zilfer and am working with the founder Dan Bessant to introduce a new product with a fresh approach to cyclists. No single product satisfies 100% of people 100% of the time. We make a cycling wallet that is designed to replace your daily wallet and give you the advantage of carrying your cards cash and phone while cycling, but also when you are shopping or at work. Not only does it save you the hassle of swapping out all of your gear each time that you go for a ride, we tried to make it elegant but durable (and water-resistant).”

zilfer cycling wallet

“The thing about phone carry cases, pouches and wallets is that no single solution fits all of the requirements of all riders… and we are acutely aware of this. For example, there are some wallets or pouches that allow the phone to be used while it is inside.”

zilfer cycling wallet

“On the one hand, this can be convenient for riders who prefer this, on the other, it means that other materials need to be introduced into the wallet or pouch and these impact the durability, the complexity of manufacturing and the optics. In our case, we considered everyday people who would usually use a smartphone in daily life without a pouch and while riding, prefer the phone to be securely stowed away. Bike tourers who want navigation or data on the phone or happy snappers who like to take a lot of photos a better served with other pouches or cases.”

zilfer cycling wallet

“Our advantage is that our wallet looks great, we engaged a leading Australian design agency for this and the result is that we receive great feedback from our customers. These are riders who place value on nicely designed products that fit with their executive lifestyles. In contrast, we are not competing for riders after the cheapest possible products, in this case, the ziplock bag products the basic functionality of a carry-pouch but without the durability or aesthetics.”

zilfer cycling wallet

“And these leads into our approach where we are small enough to be comfortable letting a customer know when the Zilfer phone wallet is not right for them. For example, we don’t (yet) cater to all smartphone sizes or to phones that have a bulky protective case. If you have a PLUS sized phone, it won’t fit inside the Zilfer either, but we are working on the plus size.”

zilfer cycling wallet
Rear of the Zilfer case

“If you want a phone pouch that allows you to frequently access your phone without removing it then the Zilfer wallet is not perfectly suited. But if you are a regular rider who appreciates a more convenient solution for transporting your phone, cash and cards and durability and elegance is desirable, then the Zilfer could be right for you.”

zilfer cycling wallet
Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Shown

“Obviously we generate fewer sales when we recommend that customers check to ensure it phone and will suit the way they prefer to use and transport the phone. But there are benefits as well. We have very few returns and we receive fantastic feedback from customers because it is a practical and elegant solution. As a young brand, not only do we want to establish a good reputation among riders as we grow, we want to feel good about what we do.”

zilfer cycling wallet

“Of course, I would love to encourage you to take a closer look at the Zilfer wallet and see if it is right for you or could appeal to your riding buddies. If you are uncertain, send us an email and we will provide honest feedback.”

zilfer cycling wallet
Regular-sized human hand for reference

Zilfer Cycling Wallet


  1. Avatar johnd

    Well it sure does come in a lovely box.

  2. Avatar Kay Ohta

    Any chance that you will be testing a Knolly Cache either in Ti or steel?

    • JOM JOM

      Interesting you should mention that… no promises yet, but one of my correspondents may be reviewing the steel bike… and, we have interview with Knolly HQ coming soon!

  3. Avatar Belle's pa

    Similar to a, “Men’s European Carry-all.”

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