Press Release: Tailfin V-Mount Packs – Carry essentials securely, even if your bike doesn’t have Mounting Points

Tailfin V-Mount Packs review

With the new Tailfin V-Mount Packs, carry your essentials in complete security, even if your bike doesn’t have dedicated mounting points.”

Tailfin V-Mount Packs review

“Tailfin, designer and manufacturer of Technical Bikepacking Equipment, has created a further option for riders to carry more on off-road trails. Following on from the recent launch of the Tailfin Cage Packs and Cargo Cage System, we are firmly aiming the V-Mount Packs at riders looking for a trouble-free storage system but lack additional dedicated mounts on their bike. Although they are very much tested and rated for MTB use road riders aren’t left out, as the 1.7L is ideal for road geometry.”

Tailfin V-Mount Packs review

“The new V-Mount Packs are unlike any traditional strapped-on soft bag you have seen. Instead, a complete blend of technical hardware wrapped up in durable, weatherproof materials makes the V-Mount Pack stand out from the crowd. Standard bags can slip and slide when loaded, and in wet and muddy conditions, which not only impede performance but can also damage frame paintwork. The V-Mount Pack will perform as if it’s an integral piece of your bike, thanks to our incredible new V-Mount system.”

Tailfin V-Mount Packs review

Tailfin Cargo Pack Need to Know

  • Two sizes, 1.7 and 3 litre – The 1.7L is designed around road and gravel Q-factor. 3L for MTB Q-factor. 
  • Fully waterproof construction.
  • Easy access roll-top opening even whilst mounted, without disturbing the V-Mounts. 
  • V-Mounts, the internal rigid frame and dedicated Tailfin Cargo Straps create total stability for incredible performance. Eliminating slip and avoiding frame finish damage.
  • Adjustable mounting positions for a custom fit. 
  • Rigid internal 6061-T6 aluminium frame.
  • Modular, serviceable design
  • 420D fabric on all high wear areas, 
  • Five year, no quibble warranty
  • Crash replacement warranty
  • Ship parts anywhere in the world service
  • Weight limit: 3kg
  • Weight: 1.7L – 210g, 3L – 277g
  • Pricing: 1.7L –  £60/$75/€75, 3L – £70/$85/€85

Tailfin V-Mount Packs review

V-Mount Pack Features & Benefits

“Two distinctive sizes enable you to fine-tune the amount of storage you need. The 1.7-litre version is perfect for carrying tools, pumps, spare tube, water bottle, or lightweight jacket. The larger 3-litre V-Mount Pack utilises a shape that accommodates larger loads. Comfortably fitting larger Nalgene style bottles, gas stoves, roast chickens, or whatever you want to carry.”

Tailfin V-Mount Packs review

“The secret to just how stable and secure the V-Mount Pack performs is a clever mix of our unique V Mount system, accompanying internal aluminium frame alongside Tailfin’s own bike-specific TPU Cargo Straps. These unique features provide the V-Mount Pack with a formidable grip, far superior to its competition. Delivering a performance we feel is unrivalled.”

Tailfin V-Mount Packs review

“On top, as the V-Mount system allows attachment to be separate from the pack it allows full access to the contents without requiring the rider to undo any straps or loosen the points of attachment.”

Tailfin V-Mount Packs review

V-Mount System

“Our unique patented V-Mount is the real MVP of the V-Mount Pack. This unique piece of mounting hardware is responsible for an attachment performance so good we can guarantee a 100% non-slip and non-marking attachment when mounted correctly.”

Tailfin V-Mount Packs review

“The V-Mount is typically Tailfin in being an innovative piece of hardware providing a performance advantage far superior to standard soft bags. In essence, the V-Mount is a simple concept comprised of an aluminium base plate and a removable, soft and compliant rubber boot, but its function is far more than the sum of its parts. The angled channel (hence the ‘V’ in the name) enables the V-Mount to cradle typical bicycle tubing profiles in such a way as to achieve double line contact, This solves the classic ‘two circle problem’ that plagues traditional round packs – that when meeting a rounded frame tube a round pack only creates a single line of contact. The result of this interaction is an increase in the likelihood of slippage. In addition, the highly grippy, removable rubber boot also aids in grasping frame tubes without a hint of slip, even on gloss paint finishes.”

Tailfin V-Mount Packs review

“Each V-Mount Pack has two V-Mounts, individually adjustable with twin mounting positions. A feature that allows fitting of the V-Mount Pack on a full range of tubing shapes regardless of obstacles such as cable guides. V-Mounts are also sized proportionally for the two V-Mount Pack sizes, providing the same grip irrespective of load size and weight. All parts are modular and replaceable if damaged.”

Tailfin V-Mount Packs review


Each V-Mount Pack features a size-specific internal CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminium frame housed in an internal pocket. This provides rigidity without significantly increasing weight. The frame’s pared-back shaping creates enough stiffness to hold the pack stable without increasing rigidity to a level that limits the bag’s ability to pack effectively. The structure also acts as the connector between the pack and the V-Mount attachment system, allowing for a solid and stable platform blending the hard and soft components.”

Tailfin V-Mount Packs review


The V-Mount Packs take inspiration from the larger bags in the tailfin range and share materials. The V-Mount Packs use Tailfin’s signature, 100% waterproof mix of durable 420D Hypalon in high wear areas and thinner, more flexible Ripstop Nylon to create a conformable shape. Roll-top closure provides easy, weatherproof access. Each V-Mount Pack also ships with additional T Hook compression straps. These provide added performance and can reduce the length of the bag or compress soft contents.”

Tailfin V-Mount Packs review

Tailfin Cargo Straps

The new Tailfin Cargo Strap pays homage to the ever-popular, incredibly effective ski strap system yet boosts the design to 11. We created it to deal with the demands of bikepacking specifically. But rather than just copy and paste the classic design, we invested in considerable R&D to offer specific advantages from our Load Lock Buckle design and material selection. The buckle shaping has bicycle frame tubing profiles in mind, and the whole strap utilises non-scratching materials. The version supplied with the V-Mount Packs has a unique shortened prong designed to eliminate snagging on clothing or skin and sits flush with the strap when engaged.”

Cargo Straps need to Know

  • Ultra-durable and shatter-resistant Nylon 6/6 Load Lock Buckle will flex back when hit rather than deform like an aluminium buckle.
  • Load Lock Buckle design enables easy, one-handed strap cinching and reliable locking.
  • Buckle shaping eliminates any contact with bicycle frame tubing, preventing frame rub.
  • Anti-snag buckle prong won’t catch skin or clothing.
  • Tuned TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) strap material offers the perfect stretch, strength, and durability blend.
  • All parts are highly abrasion and tear-resistant
  • Wide temperature operating range

Fazua e-Bike Battery Compatible

“Furthering the capabilities of the V-Mount Pack, even the smaller 1.7-litre version will comfortably fit a Fazua e-bike battery and hold it in complete security.”


  • Volume: 1.7 litres, 3 litres
  • Materials: Hypalon/Ripstop Nylon, 6061-T6 aluminium frame
  • Weight: 1.7L – 210g, 3L – 277g
  • Colour: Tailfin Black
  • Price: 1.7L – £60/$75/€75, 3L – £70/$85/€85

More information at Tailfin Cycling


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