Press Release: Repente Artax GL, The New Saddle for Gravel Riding

repente Artax GL saddle review

Anatomical shape, thick padding, non-slip coating, curved tip profile”

A new addition to the Repente range, ARTAX GL is the saddle created to meet the specific needs of Gravel riding.

The first design step was studying the cyclists’ positions in the saddle, the most typical Gravel cycling settings, the bikes’ components, and the geometry of the frames. Repente also relied on the experience of today’s top specialist athletes in this field. The Marostica-based company is the official sponsor of the Rodeo Labs Pro Gravel Team, winner of several competitions in the USA.

repente Artax GL saddle review

All this know-how and expertise led to designing Artax GL – a saddle with all the requirements to make gravel bikers happy, and not only them probably.

Artax GL is a lightweight and comfortable saddle, designed with both male and female users in mind. The shaping of the support in the rear part of the saddle is designed to minimise high-pressure points on the ischial bones. Pressure relief in the perineal area is guaranteed by the anatomical channel and the smooth profile of the saddle.

repente Artax GL saddle review

The padding is one of Artax GL’s strong points: made of Eva, a reactive and extremely light material, it has been made thicker in the most delicate support points to maximise comfort even on bumpy terrain, for both cyclists who prefer a more upright sitting position and cyclists who often use the lower part of the handlebars. Thanks to the curved tip profile, cyclists can pedal standing up and then go back to a sitting position seamlessly.

repente Artax GL saddle review

The proprietary RLS (Repente Locking System) allows the saddle cover to be easily replaced. The Artax GL structure is built using LCF (Long Carbon Fibers) technology, which makes the saddle just rigid enough and non-deformable over time. The “noble polymer” PA12 is made lighter and high-performing by longitudinally oriented long carbon fibres.

repente Artax GL saddle review

The 9×7 mm differential section rail is made of UD carbon fibre. To cover the Repente saddle, a special non-slip material has been chosen, which is just as effective when wet. Artax GL weighs in at just 160-165 grams.

repente Artax GL saddle review

The main differences compared to Prime, the closest model in the range, are a «semi-flat» instead of a «round» seat, a thicker padding layer, and the square-shaped cross-section of the tip. Artax GL is available in black and burgundy, with a graphic theme that reminds of the typical settings of off-road cycling.

repente Artax GL saddle review

The recommended price is 145 Euro.

  • COATING Water-based microfiber
  • FOAM PADDING Super lightweight EVA
  • PADDING SUPPORT PA12 Carbon Reinforced
  • SUPPORT STRUCTURE PA12 Long Carbon Fiber (LCF)
  • RAIL UD Carbon Fiber T700
  • DIMENSIONS 275 mm x 132 mm
  • WEIGHT (± 5%) 165 g (5,82 oz)
  • GRAPHICS Black Mud, Red Mud

Selle Repente


  1. Avatar jwilli

    Anyone here experienced this saddle?

  2. Avatar Mike

    I’ve ridden the Prime. Very nice, seriously light, and comfy. But definitely on the narrower side, I’d guess around 140 mm.

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