Press Release: Lynskey Performance releases industry first 6AL/4V Titanium Gravel Bike

Introducing the PRO GR – the first and only Hand-Built Gravel Bike with a 6AL/4V Aerospace Grade Titanium Tubeset. Our design engineers have created a revolutionary marvel of strength, durability, stiffness, and comfort — like no other in the world. Embrace the freedom and power to explore — on any ground — no matter how extreme.”

“The PRO GR possesses the power transfer and precision-handling capabilities, traditionally only found in our top tier Pro Level Performance bikes. Our visionary PRO GR power-focused/watt crushing geometry redefines the Gravel Bike World — the PRO GR stands alone at the top. Let the PRO GR propel your journey; whether an aggressive Gravel performance bike or an epic adventure machine with no limits.”

Other features include:

  • Performance engineered triangular top tube and down tube for ultimate stiffness, stability, and optimal comfort.

  • Tapered Headtube ensures precision handling when paired with Lynskey’s elite carbon PRO GR Gravel fork.
  • Helix shaped seatstays resist vertical forces to propel the rider up those epic climbs.
  • Clearance for 700c x 45 or 27.5 x 2.1 tires allows you unlimited choices when matching tires to your riding style.

  • Unique “plate style” chainstay design* allows ample tire and chainring clearance without having to extend the chainstays to lengths that create poor performance.
  • Cable routing that accepts either hydraulic or mechanical disc brake lines.

  • Only Lynskey offers a proprietary rear dropout design that accepts either a 9mm Quick Release or a 12mm Thru axle.
  • Wright style dropouts with replaceable rear derailleur hanger.

  • Rack and Fender mounts are standard.
  • As are all our bikes the PRO GR is 100% hand built by our artisan craftsmen in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

*The plate chainstay design also features on the Lynskey GR250, the sister bike to the PRO GR, a bike we have been reviewing long term. Our video review of the GR250 will be posting soon, please watch this space. We’ll be reviewing the Lynskey PRO GR at a later date.

Lynskey Performance


  1. Avatar S

    Aside from being exotic and far more expensive…tell me again why 6/4 is so much better than 3/2.5? There’s a reason Lynskey is the “first” gravel bike in 6/4….because most other shops have quit welding the stuff as the benefit is dubious and the material very expensive and hard to get ahold of.

    • JOM JOM

      Your question is best posed to Lynskey… 6/4 is definitely more expensive and from what I understand, harder to work with. The exclusive factor will appeal to some riders for sure, and I’m certain that is the market Lynskey is interested in capturing.

  2. Avatar Heffe

    6/4 had dropped off of the bike market mostly as a matter of expense and availability, which was supposed to have become sporadic. The benefits are increased strength, durability and notably lighter weight.

    • Avatar KAB

      Another “issue” with most 6/4 (that I’ve read about…) is that it is typically only available as sheets, not drawn, seamless tubes. Lynskey has to carefully weld a seem along the entire side of the shaped “tube”, and if not done correctly, leads to failures. As others have mentioned, the benefit of full 6/4 tubing over seamless 3/2.5 are questionable, especially given the fact that it’s near impossible to get drawn, seamless 6/4 tubes. I’ve been thrilled with my 3/2.5 Ti bike’s reliability and ride quality. PS: I own a GR250… Solid bike with great capability (as JOM amply pointed out).

      • JOM JOM

        That is correct. All of Lynskey’s 6/4 begins life as a sheet. I hope to have the Lynskey factory tour video online early next week.

  3. Avatar Ken Arnett

    I am also interested in a review and the affects of the triangular tubes on ride quality/ lateral stiffness at the BB compared to the GR 25 3 2.5 round tubes. The helix seat-stays are interesting as well.

    • JOM JOM

      Ken, our PRO GR review is coming soon.

  4. Avatar David

    Need that Pro GR review!!!! Mine delivers any day now and I need to know what I just bought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JOM JOM

      David, only editing and voice over remains, the filming is done…

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