Press Release: Look launches X-Track Power Meter Pedals – Gravel, MTB, Anything

look x-track power meter pedal review
Look brings Power to the MTB / Gravel Platform

100% Integrated Electronics

“Cutting-edge design, electronic components directly integrated within the pedal axle and many test miles out on the road have enabled us to develop an even more reliable power meter. Capable of withstanding shocks and extreme weather conditions, our pedals have sailed through even the toughest of tests with flying colours. We are so confident in our product that we offer up to 3 years of warranty cover.” – Look Cycle

“404g a pair with 540 mm² contact area: the X-Track Power Dual weight/contact area ratio is quite simply the best on the market. On mountain and gravel bikes, they guarantee a perfect connection with your shoes for full power transmission and ultra-precise stability. The compatibility with the SPD standard combined with an adjustable, reliable and rapid release system ensures safety and comfort without compromising efficiency.”

Change Your Pedals, Not Your Position

“For the first time, accessing power doesn’t require any modification to your bike fit. Thanks to clever miniaturization of electronic components, the geometry of the X-Track Power body maintains a 53mm Q Factor and 10.7mm stack height, identical to standard pedals in the X-Track line up. This allows you to effortlessly transition from standard pedals to Power pedals without altering your position on the bike or your cleat setup.”

look x-track power meter pedal review
Gravel Cyclist has a sample set inbound

More Than Just Power

“The electronic components within each pedal axle provide accurate information including watts generated, left/right balance, cadence and many other performance indicators. The X-Track Power Dual can measure and display your pedalling data in real-time to help you progress with every training ride and to shine in competitions.”

Unbelievable Accuracy

“Each pedal is fitted with a power meter designed to calibrate automatically in response to changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure. The latest generation of electronic components and algorithms offer accuracy levels of around 1%.”

look x-track power meter pedal review
Look X-Track Power

Quick and Easy Installation

“Fitting, connection and set up are all easy with the X-Track Power Dual! They takes 30 seconds to install on your bike, without affecting your position or cleat settings, after which automatic calibration and Bluetooth/ANT+ connection are quick and easy from either your bike computer or mobile phone: your pedals are ready to ride in just a few minutes.”

An Optimized Ecosystem

“Not only is the connection with bike computers, sports watches and mobile phones easy and user-friendly, we have also developed a dedicated application for the X-Track Power Duals to fit, calibrate and update your pedals. Available on both iOS and Android, it also allows you to register your product and enjoy extra benefits including crash replacement and extended warranty.”

look x-track power meter pedal review
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All-Terrain Reliability

“The electronic components in the X-Track Power Dual pedals are perfectly insulated. Our pedals keep water, dust, mud, sand or the cold out, with three levels of protection ensuring a perfect and long lasting seal (IPX7 so they are ready to face even the harshest of weather conditions.”

  • Shaft – High Resistance Stainless Steel
  • Body – Recycled Aluminium
  • Water – IPX7 Protection Rating

Battery Life

” With exceptional battery life of 60 hours, your X-Track Power Dual pedals will follow you for many long rides before needing recharged. Both pedals charge at the same time using a magnetic connector and USB-C cable. Recharge time averages two hours.”

look x-track power meter pedal review
Rechargeable Batteries Inside

Look Cycle Expertise

“Made in France, with a 3 year warranty* and designed for ease of maintenance, X-Track Power Dual pedals reflect the unique expertise of LOOK Cycle. High-end manufacturing quality and meticulous attention to even the tiniest technical or design detail underline our commitment to creating products which are elegant, user-friendly and perform superbly.”

look x-track power meter pedal review
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“We strive to make the right choices every day. Which is why X-Track Power Duals are made from recycled aluminium chips left over from production. We also use plastic-free cardboard packaging to reduce our environmental impact.”

look x-track power meter pedal review
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Relentless Testing

“To put the toughness, ruggedness and durability of our pedals to the test, we gave the X-Track Power Duals to our most exacting athletes, competing on the most arduous circuits. In addition to validating the pedals’ performance at the highest level, we also benefited from hundreds of hours of tests in real conditions, confirming their unlimited potential.”

look x-track power meter pedal review
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Learn more at the Look Cycle Website


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