Press Release: Introducing the Wave – “The Ultimate Road, Gravel, and Endurance Handlebar”

“The Wave handlebar brings a new performance factor to road and gravel riders who want the speed of the drops, and the long-ride comfort of the bar tops. The Wave is the first bar to offer both, simultaneously.” –

wave gravel endurance handlebar

Is The Wave For You?

“The Wave is engineered with a specific group of riders in mind: those who live to ride on the road or mixed terrain, sometimes over long distances, often at speed.”

“If you’re one of these riders, ask yourself one simple question:
Have you ever felt like moving your hands to your bar tops was equivalent to giving up?

“If you have, we have news for you.
It doesn’t have to be that way.

wave gravel endurance handlebar

The Team Behind the Wave Handlebar

Rick Sutton, COO and Cofounder – “I met Don Sheff, Coefficient Cycling’s Founder and CEO, for the first time at the 2016 Sea Otter Classic. At a table in the beer tent, he opened his backpack and pulled out a very early version of the Wave. After an hour of listening to why cyclists needed a Wave on their bike, I was hooked on the concept and offered to be on his advisory board.” Read the rest of this article by following this link.

wave gravel endurance handlebar

More about Rick Sutton: Co-Founder of the Sea Otter Classic, Rick sold his half to the current owner in 2006. He served on the UCI MTB Commission for four years, brought the MTB World Cup to Napa, ran the NORBA NCS during the late 1990’s/early 2000’s, promoted Cyclocross Nationals in San Francisco, wrote the 4-cross and short track rules and once upon a time, ran a prehistoric MTB Enduro called Rocktoberfest from 1997 to 1999… and an MTB stage race in Haiti in 2013. He’s been a busy lad.

wave gravel endurance handlebar

Front View

The Wave’s trademark sloped bar top provides a comfortable hand position that mimics your wrist’s neutral alignment. The drops are angled out slightly, just 1.5 degrees, for a more solid & secure stance in the drops, even on rough terrain.

wave gravel endurance handlebar

Top View

The 12-degree backsweep of the bar tops allows a natural, neutral wrist position for comfort and power. The 31.8mm bar clamp fits most modern stems, and the grip diameter varies based on bar width, to appropriately match different hand sizes.

wave gravel endurance handlebar

Side View

Traditional 77mm reach and 120mm drop dimensions maintain a familiar feel to traditional bars in the drops and on the brake hoods.

wave gravel endurance handlebar

The Bar Tops

The bar tops are angled to mimic the position your wrists naturally prefer when you reach forward: thumbs angled up slightly, pinky finger down.  For all those seated climbs and hard long flat sections, whether pavement or gravel or somewhere in between, The Wave blends the best of long-term comfort with the ability to push on the pedals that little bit more. It’s an epiphany that you’ll feel on the first ride, and it’s one you’ll appreciate more and more as the hours go by.

wave gravel endurance handlebar

The Brake Hoods

For most typical bars, your primary shifting and braking position remains unchanged. The reach and drop dimensions are likely close to what you’re already riding, so you can add the benefits of The Wave without needing to think too hard about anything else, other than riding even faster.

wave gravel endurance handlebar

The Drops

When it’s a full-on sprint, the drops you know and love are there for you, with a bonus thumb notch that lets you lock in your hand position for maximum sprint power. It’s almost like we anticipated that you’d be in a sprint finish (and we want you to win, of course).

wave gravel endurance handlebar


  • Weight: (42cm) 195 grams
  • Available Sizes (C to C Width): 38cm / 40cm / 42cm / 44cm
  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Drop: 120mm (all sizes)
  • Reach: 77mm (all sizes)
  • Slope: 15 degrees (all sizes)
  • Sweep: 12 degrees (all sizes)
  • Crown Grip Diameter: 30mm / 33.3mm / 35mm / 36.7mm
  • Slope Grip Diameter: 29mm / 31.3mm / 33mm / 34.7mm
  • Clamp Area Width: 67mm / 69mm / 73mm / 78mm
  • Max Torque Settings: Stem @6NM / Brake Levers @8NM
  • Internal Cable + Electronic Routing: Yes
  • Clip-On Compatible: No
  • Finish: Matt Black

wave gravel endurance handlebar

Priced at $US 329, the Wave Handlebar is available now.

Wave Handlebar

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  1. If your an aero bar user, these bars might not work. The center up sweep will be in the way of the arm rests.

  2. Interesting concept for sure. I hope we see more innovation from within the world of gravel!

  3. The Eyropro handlebar has been out since March 2017. So this design is nothing new. Noting the utility of the Eyropro has already been explained. See YouTube and Facebook videos. You cannot trademark a design or utility. I own the legal rights in the US to my design as seen on the Eyropro website. This is an issued design no. 29/596,867. Pending patents have no legal rights. This is the only utility patent I can see Coefficient has sought to gain rights to. (U.S. Patent Pending #16/024,508).
    If any of this is incorrect then I must be misinformed.

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