Press Release: Garmin launches Edge 530 & 830 GPS Cycling Computers, and updated Accessories

Today Garmin announced the Edge 530 and Edge 830 – its latest performance GPS cycling computers that combine new dynamic performance insights, cycling safety features* and advanced mapping capabilities into a lightweight design for use on all terrains.

garmin edge 830 review
The Garmin 830 – Navigation gets even better.

“For riders looking for a change of scenery, the Edge 530 and Edge 830 feature new integrated Trailforks data as well as mountain bike dynamics including jump count, jump distance and hang time, making it easier to tame the trails.”

garmin edge 830 review

Mountain Bike Dynamics may not appeal or be of use to the average gravel cyclist, but the technology is very cool.

garmin edge 830 review

“Ideal for riding no matter the weather conditions, the Edge 530 features a button design and a 2.6-inch high-resolution, color display, whereas the Edge 830 offers a touchscreen display that is quick and responsive – even when wet or used with gloves.”

garmin edge 530 review
The Garmin Edge 530.

“The Edge 530 and Edge 830 include new and updated features that are designed for all riders – whether you’re a podium finisher, gravel grinder, urban pedaler or somewhere in between,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “Offering new ride data and guidance, navigational enhancements, safety and tracking features and more, you can truly find your Edge, only from Garmin.”


“During a ride, the Edge 530 and Edge 830 use vital ride data to provide dynamic performance insights and guidance that can help cyclists improve and manage their effort. The new ClimbPro feature automatically shows the remaining ascent and grade for each climb while following a route or course, helping cyclists to gauge their effort over the rest of their ride.”

garmin edge 830 review

“The new Edge cycling computers will also allow riders to see how their body is holding up in different environments with heat and altitude acclimation** and receive in-ride notifications when it’s time to refuel or rehydrate. Outside of a ride, the Edge 530 and Edge 830 will show the previous four weeks of riding broken down in terms of low aerobic, high aerobic and anaerobic efforts to evaluate how balanced a rider’s training is and provide them with insight into where they need additional focus.”

garmin edge 830 review

“When paired with compatible sensors, the Edge 530 and Edge 830 will calculate a rider’s power curve, comparing their ride effort to their previous weeks and months. For cyclists following a training plan, they can sync workouts automatically from Garmin Connect™ and TrainingPeaks right to their Edge and view workouts for the upcoming week before seamlessly starting their training session.”

garmin edge 830 review
The Garmin Edge 830.

“Preloaded on the Edge 530 and Edge 830, the Garmin Cycle Map includes turn-by-turn navigation and navigation alerts that notify riders of sharp curves ahead. What’s more, the Edge 830 allows cyclists to create new rides and courses right on their device. To help Edge 530 and Edge 830 users ride like a local, popularity routing chooses from the best road, mountain or gravel routes most traveled by fellow cyclists. It will even guide cyclists back to the route – or back to start – if they stray away or decide to head home early. Now, cyclists using the Edge 530 or Edge 830 will spend more time riding, not waiting around, thanks to route calculation speeds that are two times faster than on previous models.”

garmin edge 830 review

“For riders searching for their next adventure, the Edge 530 and Edge 830 are great companions for mountain biking. The mountain bike models come preloaded with data from Trailforks built right into the Garmin Cycle Map, including detailed maps of trails from more than 80 countries, complete with trail ratings. Riders will be able to view the trails in detail right on their Edge device, which will help them find the trails best suited to their skill level.”

“When a cyclist stops mid-ride, Forksight mode automatically displays upcoming forks in the trail and shows them where they are within a trail network. During their ride, the Edge 530 and Edge 830 will track all the epic details with new mountain biking metrics such as jump count, jump distance and hang time. Other mountain biking features include Grit, which rates the difficulty of a ride using GPS, elevation and accelerometer data, and Flow, which measures how smoothly a cyclist descends a trail.”

garmin edge 830 review

“Whether commuting to work or out riding with friends, built-in safety and tracking features on the Edge 530 and Edge 830 will help provide extra peace of mind while on the move. Group messaging and tracking lets cyclists stay in touch when they get separated from the pack***. Built-in incident detection will automatically send a cyclist’s location to emergency contacts if they run into trouble. For added confidence, the Edge 530 and Edge 830 are compatible with the Varia™ line of cycling awareness devices, including the RTL510 rearview radar and UT800 smart headlight so riders can see and be seen. If a cyclist stops to grab a bite to eat or take in the view, the new PIN-protected bike alarm will notify them on their smartphone if their bike has been moved.”

garmin edge 830 review
Above, sample apps available for the Garmin Edge 520 Plus.

“Only Garmin lets users customize their device with free apps, widgets and data fields from the Connect IQ store. Use the AccuWeather MinuteCast app to find out when the rain will start, or use the Yelp app to download locations of a nearby café or bike shop, and route directly to them on the Edge 530 or Edge 830. For cyclists who plan their rides ahead of time, downloading the Strava Summit, Komoot or Wikiloc apps allows for those favorite routes to be imported directly to an Edge device.”

garmin edge 830 review
Garmin Edge 830.

“Featuring up to 20 hours of battery life with GPS, the Edge 530 and Edge 830 are available now and come in different bundle options ranging in price from $299.99 to $499.99.”

garmin edge 530 review
Garmin Edge 530.

Additionally, the Edge 530 and Edge 530 are compatible with Garmin’s Charge Power Pack external battery. Both devices feature a connector on their base, just like the flagship 1030 model, to connect seamlessly with the battery.

  • * When paired with a compatible smartphone; see For safety and tracking features requirements and limitation.
  • ** When paired with compatible sensors.
  • *** When paired with a compatible smartphone.

Garmin’s Promotional Video for the 530 and 830

Garmin’s Updated Speed & Cadence Sensors

“Garmin’s all-new Speed Sensor 2 and Cadence Sensor 2 wireless sensors encourage cyclists to train year-round by monitoring their speed, distance and pedaling cadence while on a ride. Even further, these new sensors are equipped with ANT+® and BLE that allow cyclists to easily sync to Garmin Connect™ and other training apps as well as compatible fitness devices and equipment, providing better insights whether riding indoors or outdoors.”

garmin cadence sensor 2
Garmin Cadence Sensor 2.

“The Speed Sensor 2 attaches to the hub of either wheel and self-calibrates when paired with a Garmin Edge® device to provide accurate speed and distance data. If a cyclist does not have a head unit, the Speed Sensor 2 will still capture that data and upload it to Garmin Connect mobile. The Cadence Sensor 2 fastens to any crank arm and will measure pedal strokes per minute to help a cyclist get the most out of their training.”

garmin speed sensor 2
Garmin Speed Sensor 2.

“Featuring up to 1 year of battery life*, both the Speed Sensor 2 and Cadence Sensor 2 are easy to install, maintain and move between bikes. The Speed Sensor 2 and Cadence Sensor 2 are available now. Each sensor has a suggested retail price of $39.99. A bundle option, which includes both sensors, is available with a suggested retail price of $69.99.”

* Battery life may vary depending on usage.

Coming shortly – Edge 520 Plus Review on Gravel

Whilst the Edge 520 Plus may have just been superseded by the all-new 530, and you may be thinking, “what’s the point of posting this review?” The Garmin Edge 520 Plus will be available for some time and likely at a cheaper price point than the 530 – and possibly on closeout from some retailers. Watch this space for our review!



  1. Avatar Daniel Reilly

    I recently purchased a Hammerhead Karoo and love the ability to name my ride before uploading it to Strava and other Apps so that I don’t have to title the ride individually in each App. Is this possible on Garmin units new or old?

    • JOM JOM

      Hi Daniel, I seldom use Strava, but if I do, I upload the .fit file directly from the Garmin into Strava, and can name it whatever I like. I cannot speak for the auto-upload functionality… not a fan of sharing my every waking moment with the general population.

      • @Daniel

        I have a karoo and love the management of route as well as the coolness of the device’s looks.

        However my question to you is as follows

        Q: How good are the KAroo’s GRAVEL maps? I don’t do gravel riding but would be intrigued to know. obviously Hammerhead say they are wonderful!!

        • JOM JOM

          We have a Karoo and will be posting a review soon…

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