Press Release: Fara Cycling completes the saga with the launch of the new F/GR

fara cycling f/gr gravel bike review

“The Norwegian company doesn’t want to leave a single bit of the beautiful Scandinavian landscape unridden, to which end it has created the new F/GR that completes its trilogy of models for any kind of rider, adventure, and path.” – Fara Cycling

fara cycling f/gr gravel bike review

“Today, Fara Cycling launches the latest iteration of its successful gravel platform, the F/GR. With increased clearance (50mm 700c), refreshed design, and geometry, the F/GR is clearly focused on accessibility and fun rather than the racing-specific bikes other brands are releasing.”

fara cycling f/gr gravel bike review

“Three is a magic number, almost mystical, and with these three models, Fara Cycling believes it has every angle of drop-bar riding covered, from burly single-tracks, remote dirt roads to silky asphalt.”

fara cycling f/gr gravel bike review

“With their focus on design and development building that has built a name for Fara Cycling beyond the Norwegian borders, the young company founded by Jeff Webb embraces its adventure-based riding roots, deeply ingrained in the Norwegian cycling culture, to come up with its last creation, the F/GR.”

fara cycling f/gr gravel bike review

“Their Direct to Consumer model allows them to make these great bikes accessible to more cyclists by keeping pricing reasonable. Through a unique and simple online configurator, every Fara Cycling bike is tailored to the buyer’s needs and hand-built in Oslo before being shipped around the world.”

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“Back to the new F/GR: it boasts a bigger wheelbase and slacker angles, that together with the big tire clearance (700c x 50mm), makes it perfect for those who want to push the limits of what drop-bar bikes are capable of. Put on the recommended 43mm rubber and it transforms back into a fast and fun ride for long-dusty journeys or even brisk sub-urban commutes.”

fara cycling f/gr gravel bike review

“With this trinity completed, Fara is making clear that the influence between them and their landscape goes both ways, and while they are redefining bike design by the influence of their landscape, they are also affirming the Norwegian scene into one of the gravel capitals of the world, putting Norway and their bikes at the head of a worldwide dusty revolution that is already happening.”

fara cycling f/gr gravel bike review

The new F/GR is available for pre-purchase now and will be delivered in April 2022.

Product Highlights

  • Robust, carbon fiber frame and fork.
  • Fully-internal cable routing (Token S-Box System)
  • Curved Seat-Stays for increased comfort.
  • In-Frame Stash hatch – Nifty place to carry your spares!
  • Fara Cycling IBS (Integrated Bikebacking System) – No more straps!
  • 1050g weight (Size M) – lightweight gravel frame.
  • 700x50mm tire clearance – Go-anywhere capabilities.
  • Round, 27,2mm Seatpost – easily compatible with many seatpost models, including dropper posts.
  • Intuitive Fit geometry – 4 sizes to fit nearly every rider.
  • T47 Bottom Bracket – eliminates irritating creaking noises.
  • Integrated Fender Mounts – No more hassles to fit fenders.
  • Triple Fork Cargo Mounts – Extra cargo possibilities.
  • SRAM UDH compatible derailleur hanger – Future Proof.
  • Direct-mount front brake for 160mm rotors – Eliminates mounting brackets/adapters
  • 12mm Through-Axles – increased torsional stiffness.

fara cycling f/gr gravel bike review

Starting price of €3500 with Shimano GRX 810

Available In:

  • 4 Sizes: Small (49cm), Medium (53cm), Large (56cm) and Large (59cm).
  • 4 Fara Colours: Fjord Green, Winter Sky Blue, Wet Asphalt, and Morell Red.
  • Signature series: Phyllite / Rust Logo.

About Fara Cycling

Building great bikes for fellow freedom seekers

“Fara was born in Norway in 2016. As a former professional cyclist, founder Jeff Webb looked to rediscover his passion for cycling outside of the competitive circus. He found it in the freedom and mindfulness of roaming freely on two wheels. He found it in the fascination of discovery and adventure, amplified by the sophisticated simplicity that is the act of cycling. With that will and mindset, Fara became the way to make premium quality bikes, usually reserved for pros and the well-off, more available to normal people.”

fara cycling f/gr gravel bike review

Fara bicycles are inspired by Nordic design principles and assembled with passion in Norway using the best components available.  Giving you the freedom to roam, discover and venture!

Fara Cycling

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