Press Release: Enve announces M525 G “Gravel” Carbon Wheelset

enve m525g gravel wheelset review

ENVE has announced the M525 G wheelset that adds an option to the new M Series line for those wanting the benefits of enhanced flat prevention, lower weight and greater durability for their gravel or road bike. Using the brand new M525 cross-country mountain bike rim, the M525 G comes in two road bike-friendly hub options in addition to either 700c or 650b diameter.

enve m525g gravel wheelset review

The M525 G features ENVE’s lightweight, anti-pinch flat technology referred to as Wide Hookless Beads. This technology is valuable considering that the number one cause of a mechanical on gravel roads is a flat tire. Lack of suspension and lower volume tires mean that tires must perform above and beyond to ensure you make it back home.

enve m525g gravel wheelset review

The Wide Hookless Bead technology featured on the M525 G provides a compliant bumper for the tire in the instance of the tire bottoming out on the rim – ultimately preventing a pinch flat. In ENVE’s testing of the M525 with mountain bike tires, the new rim design accounted for more than a 60% improvement in pinch flat resistance.

enve m525g gravel wheelset review

Featuring a 25mm inner rim width, the M525 G can handle some of the widest gravel tire options out there, all the way down to 32c.

enve m525g gravel wheelset review

  • Available with Chris King R45 CL or DT Swiss CL hub options

  • 700c or 650b diameter

  • 1368 grams (700c wheelset with DT 240 hubs)

  • $2800 (with DT 240 hubs)

enve m525g gravel wheelset review

ENVE’s new M525 G will carry the company’s industry-leading 5-Year Warranty and Lifetime Product Guarantee that covers all forms of impact damage.

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  1. Isn’t 25mm internal a little wide for traditional gravel tires? Looking at their web page, it seems like the tire was designed around 2.1″ XC MTB tires and recommended pressure of 18-23psi (at my weight). I was expecting it to be designed around 40mm tires at 35-40psi.

    Though at $2800, I’m not sure why I’m even in this discussion! Wowza.

  2. Avatar stephen

    Schwalbe’s chart says i25 is good for 42+mm and Mavic’s says 44+mm – not 32mm – so are ENVE totally throwing out the ETRTO recommendations? If so, what minimum widths would people think are okay for i23, i29 and i39 rims these days???

    The other side of this is whether one could inflate 32mm tyres enough for road use on a hookless rim anyway…

    • Funnily enough, their SES 4.5 AR is also i25 and that’s optimized for 28mm tires. Seems like ENVE are doing/thinking something else when it comes to internal width.

      I have Stan’s Grail wheels with i20.3 and they seem perfect for 28mm tires all the way up to the mid 40s. Hookless carbon rims are probably a whole different animal though.

    • Avatar Tim Tim

      To pascal hmmm
      Thanks for this. Cantu Riot 650 is very similar to Boyd Jocassee 650.
      Boyd 24 internal Cantu 24 internal (both are hookless)
      Boyd depth 36 and Cantu is 35, Boyd offset is 2.9, Cantu 2.8
      Boyd Weight 1620 (including valves and tape) Cantu is 1510 +/- 30 (tape and stems probably not included in weight?)
      Boyd being 24/28, Cantu 28/28
      Boyd being $1,650 on J-bend quest hubs, Cantu $1,595 with a Cantu Disc Brake Hub straight pull.
      I guess with all things being equal (enough) I’d (personally) opt for straight pull. I’ve been on straight pull since 2006 Mavic and recently my Cannondale notube Hollowgrams. Cantu also appears to be easier to de label.

      I don’t get the enve pricing… my debate was between Boyd and building WTB CI24 (32 spoke) which if I swap from bikepacking to panniers, might not be a bad thing.
      none the less I greatly appreciate the Cantu mention here.

  3. Avatar Don

    Pinch flats? Who still uses tubes on their gravel bike?

    • Avatar Tim Tim

      Don, I believe they call burbing air, pinch flatting in the tubeless world.

  4. Avatar KentL

    Tim Tim
    Punch flatting and burbing is two different things. You are pinch flatting a tube. Burbing is happening when you corner so hard, that the tire bead is slipping the hook. ????

    • Avatar Hock

      Hi Guys, it is possible to pinchflat a tubeless setup. What Enve is referring to it the pinching of the tire’s sidewall between the rim edge and an object. This typically happens during a hard direct impact. The end result it a torn tire sidewall. Hope this helps …

      • Avatar Tim Tim

        that helps a lot.
        thank you

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