Press Release: Easton Launches New Gravel Shifting Rings

easton gravel shifting rings


Gravel | Cyclocross | Adventure – Shifting Rings

“Easton Cycling is excited to introduce our all-new Gravel Shifting Rings. In the search for better gearing on gravel, all road and adventure bikes, we found benefits of super compact becoming clear. These adventure combos are a refinement of our proven road doubles and are engineered for smooth shift transitions thanks to optimizing our ring sizes for the application. We also went ahead and reduced overlap in materials – these direct mount gravel and CX combos skip the spider to save up to 45 grams while giving you more range to work with.” easton gravel shifting rings



WEIGHT:  47/32 = 194G, 46/36 = 192G, 46/30 = 182G

WEIGHT COMPLETE ON EC90 SL CRANKSET:  540g 172.5mm 47/32 w/o BB



USD MSRP: $149.99

CAD MSRP: $159.99

easton gravel shifting rings

Below, excerpt from Easton’s White Paper on the Adventure Shifted Chainrings.

“Road Gearing was not made for Gravel”

“Current 2x road combo options leave gravel riders chronically over geared. The current 53/39 Standard, 52/36 Semi-Compact, and 50/34 Compact gear combinations were created for road bikes – pro riders sprinting on pavement in their 53 x 11. Gravel bikes with larger, heavier tires, more rolling resistance and less aerodynamic rider positions are without a doubt slower than road race bikes, so why are they forced to use road bike gear combinations?” easton gravel shifting rings “Bigger tires make the effective gearing on the bicycle larger.” easton gravel shifting rings “Roll out, or outside circumference, of a 24c Schwalbe One tubular on a 700c wheel is 2105mm; the same as the generally accepted number for a 23c clincher. The rollout of a 38c Schwalbe G-One on a 700c gravel wheel is 2204mm.” “2204 / 2105 = 1.047030” easton gravel shifting rings “The gravel tire has a 4.7% larger circumference than a road tire. Therefore if you take your road bike gearing and put in on your gravel bike your effective gearing instantly becomes 4.7% taller, making your 50T ring on your gravel bike the equivalent of between and 52 and 53T ring.” “50 x 1.047030 = 52.35” easton gravel shifting rings “Considering that the gravel bike tends to be a weightier bicycle and is being used on rougher and slower terrain, using road gearing doesn’t make sense. Check your cassette the 11T cog on your gravel bike, it probably looks brand new because it has never seen the chain.”
Note: The 47/32 combination is not a typo!


  1. Avatar John

    Interested in these, 47/32 sounds perfect. I’m confused though – are the crank arms carbon (as EC90 would suggest) or are they aluminum (as the spec sheet suggests)? Or can you choose? Thanks

    • Avatar Joey Brown

      Rings are aluminum. The EC 90SL crank arms are carbon.

  2. Avatar Jason

    It looks like these are just the chain rings. The crankset isn’t included.

  3. Avatar Mike Meenan

    It doesn’t look like this would fit the Lynskey Pro GR. I have the Di2 cable routed internal, and they recommend the 20mm GXP BB due to the cable to allow room. It doesn’t look like there is a 20mm option for the EA90 46/30 Am I missing anything?

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