Press Release: Daysaver – A Bike Multitool offering 9 Tools at 45 Grams

daysaver multitool review

A high quality, professional multitool together with PB Swiss Tools

Multitools are now available in all shapes and sizes. But as mature as the tools may seem, many disadvantages are still unsolved. The tools are tricky to use, their shape makes it impossible to reach many places on the bike, they are usually heavy and large and some systems are tied to a mount in the handlebar, stem or crank.

The founders of Daysaver – all of them passionate bikers and racing cyclists themselves – want to clean up this mess. Together with PB Swiss they have developed a multi-tool that is as big as the well-known Allen key, weighs an incredible 45 grams, and provides 9 tools. And because they are 100% convinced of the quality of their tool, you get a lifetime warranty.

daysaver multitool review
Nested Bits

The Innovation

Peter, Dani and Elam from Daysaver have combined their passion with the knowledge from their work as innovation managers to develop a new kind of multitool. The basis was the minimal form factor of a classic Allen key, which ensures ideal accessibility and with which – via the two different lever lengths – the right torque can be applied. The innovation lies ultimately in the nesting of 4 bits. Two on each side, which can be flipped and inserted into each other. This makes the Daysaver a multi-talent that will give you 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 Allen, 25 Torx, and a slotted screwdriver. Everything you need in an emergency to save the day!

daysaver multitool review

The multitool designed in this way offers a whole range of advantages. With a bulky minitool you can’t reach many screws on your bike properly. Result: worn screws or scratches on the frame. With the simple and slim form factor of our tool you can get to every screw and tighten or loosen it in the right way. That is a promise!

daysaver multitool review

Screws are sensitive creatures. With the wrong torque, they are either broken or tightened too loosely. With the two different lever lengths of our tool, you can give each screw the necessary amount of love. Your screws will thank you with endless fun.

daysaver multitool review
With the short lever, you have a feeling for lesser torque
daysaver multitool review
With the long lever, you can apply larger torque without the tool folding away

Note from JOM: Thinking this would not be the tool for removing a stuck or overtightened pedal.

The Daysaver Mount

The Daysaver is so small that you can easily carry it in your jersey or shorts pocket. If you prefer to transport the Daysaver on the frame, the minimalistic Daysaver Mount gives you the possibility to attach the tool to the bottle cage mount. You don’t have to ride without the bottle cage. It is simply mounted over the mount: no compromises!

daysaver multitool review
The Daysaver Mount
daysaver multitool review
Bottle cage fits on top of the Daysaver Mount, tool can be easily removed

Swiss Quality and Sustainability

The makers of Daysaver leave nothing to chance. Quality and sustainability are at the top of the list of requirements in development. The tool has already been thoroughly tested in the prototype phase and exceeds the standards regarding torque. And with PB Swiss Tools as a production partner, the best on the market have been won for the project, so that you also get a tool that makes no compromises in terms of application and quality. That’s why Daysaver offers a lifetime warranty on the tool!

“We live, work and bike in the bicycle paradise of Switzerland. For us it was clear: We want to do everything here on our doorstep in close cooperation with friends and partners. That’s why Daysaver is 100% made in Switzerland.”

Price is CHF 79.00 including 7.7% VAT. Including free shipping, this tool costs approximately $US 80.



  1. Avatar Ben

    JOM – this tool looks incredibly rad. But $80 for a 9 function tool? Oofta. You can get 3-4 really, really good multi tools for the same price, combined.

  2. Avatar Kyle

    I agree with Ben! $80 for basically a bent multi bit screw driver without the plastic handle and extra bits. Great idea but, I’m sure Park tool has a $20 tool with all the same parts for just a little more weight and no chance of loosing any of the small bits.
    Besides, if I’m buying a tool that is called “daysaver” and paying 80 bucks I would want it to have a chain tool….

  3. Avatar Ray

    That’s one way to not get interest…. $40 still sounds steep, but reasonable.

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