Press Release: Cane Creek announces crank spiders in 1x and 2x configurations for 110 BCD (eeWings Ti Cranks)

“Cane Creek Cycling Components has announced the upcoming release of both 1x and 2x crank spiders for 110 BCD chainrings. The spiders are optimized to fit Cane Creek’s eeWings cranks, adding more options for riders on the critically acclaimed titanium cranks.”

“The spiders will allow direct-mount cranks, such as the eeWings, to accommodate 110 BCD chainrings in both 1x and 2x configurations. 2x drivetrain configurations allow for more gear options during a ride while 110 BCD 1x chainrings are typically available in larger sizes than their direct-mount counterparts – both of which are highly desirable to gravel, all-road and traditional road riders.”

cane creek sweet wings spiders

“With the addition of these spiders you will be able to run your eeWings cranks in configurations suitable for everything from enduro mountain biking to traditional road cycling,” said Sam Anderson, product manager for Cane Creek. “It adds more versatility to what is already an outstanding product and helps get more riders on these amazing cranks.”

cane creek sweet wings spiders

“The spiders are fully machined from 7075 series aluminum with a black anodized finish and minimal laser etching and weigh in at 50 grams for both 1x and 2x versions. They will be available for purchase in December 2018 and will retail for $49 USD.”

About Cane Creek Cycling Components

Cane Creek Cycling Components is a manufacturer of premium cycling products headquartered in Fletcher, NC. The company was founded in 1974 as the North American headquarters of Japanese brake manufacturer Dia-Compe. In the early 1990’s the company was renamed Cane Creek Cycling Components and was subsequently purchased by its employees. Over the years, Cane Creek has introduced several groundbreaking products – including the original AheadSet threadless headset and the revolutionary Double Barrel Shock.

The company remains employee-owned by cyclists passionate about developing and manufacturing innovative products – many of which are hand assembled in their facility in the mountains of North Carolina.

Cane Creek

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  1. Meh, another lost opportunity. Great product, but if the 2x spiders are limited to 110BCD only, they won’t allow installing chainrings smaller than 34T. Could be an awesome crankset if it came with a 110/74BCD spider.

    1. Agreed, would be fab to see a spider that allows a 46 / 30 or 48 / 32 chainring pairing. LOVE micro-compact!

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