Press Release: absoluteBLACK Premium Sub-Compact Oval 110/5 Bolt 48/32T Chainrings

“absoluteBLACK introduces premium Gravel – Road 110/5 oval chainrings in Sub-compact (super compact) sizes to improve your climbing and cadence. Increased Cadence is key to reducing perceived effort.” –

absoluteblack 48 32 chainrings

“With 48/32T chainrings you can ride anywhere and climb anything. Alpine climbs will never be that difficult anymore. These special super compact chainrings are compatible with majority of 110bcd / 5 bolt cranks making absoluteBLACK the only company on the market offering such sizes. 32T chainrings allow you to climb on your own terms with improved cadence and efficiency. 10/11/12spd compatible.”

absoluteblack 48 32 chainrings

What’s the take-home message here? No need for a proprietary crankset or the need to switch to a direct-mount type crankset!

These chainrings work with standard 5-bolt and SRAM 5-bolt.


  • Size (Mass +/-1g): 32T (32g), 48T (115g) Smaller rings are not possible in 110/5bcd
  • Color: Black, Grey, (inner ring in black only)
  • Compatibility: Shimano Dura-Ace 7950, Ultegra 6750, Shimano 105- 5750, Tiagra 4650, FSA, Rotor 3D & 3D+, S-works and many older cranks. Fits Sram Force and Red. ALSO fits Sram cranks that have 1 hidden chainring bolt like Force22, Rival22 but they need to have removable spider. Compatible with Di2.
  • Bolts: Special bolts are included with 32T (5xM5 TI)
  • Material & Finish: CNC machined 7075 Txxx Aluminum. Long-lasting construction. Type II anodizing
  • Ovality: Optimized to each size separately. 32T – 8% ; 48T – 10.9% ; Timing of 108 -110.5° after TDC (top dead center) – Ideal for climbing.

absoluteblack 48 32 chainrings


  • 48T ring – $US 124.00
  • 32T ring + bolts $94.50

Available now. Visit absoluteBLACK by clicking on through the link below.

Finally be sure to check out Gravel Cyclist’s long-term video review of absoluteBLACK’s Shimano 4-bolt 46/30 chainring pairing.


5 comments on “Press Release: absoluteBLACK Premium Sub-Compact Oval 110/5 Bolt 48/32T Chainrings

  1. The Shimano 4 bolt ones move the chain line 3mm in-board. Do these have the same problem?

    1. @James Mitchell,

      I wouldn’t say this is a “problem”, more of an intended design…but yes, they are also 2.5mm inboard.

      Did you experience any issues with our Shimano rings that would make you say this is a problem? If you have an older frame or more racey road geometry, some might experience clearance issues due to tighter chainstay designs.

      – Tony from absoluteBLACK

  2. I bought the Easton EC90SL crank and the 48/32 4 bolt Absolute Black chainrings after a review of them on here. They work great, I have 2000 miles on them. But my gravel frame has a dropped driveside chainstay, and the clearance is only 3mm from the big ring. Also, if I accidentally shift into 32 front and 11 rear the chain touches the underside of the dropped chainstay. This second issue is not an effect of the 3mm inboard, rather the ovality. I’ve added some protective tape to the chainstay for the time being and will monitor closely.

    1. Jeff, out of curiosity, what drivetrain are you running on the bike? Smart move on protective tape, which also helps with chainslap, assuming you’re using a non-clutch derailleur.

      1. I was running a Dura Ace 9100 rear derailleur, but moved to the Ultegra RX Rear Derailleur when it was released to reduce chain slap. I’m running an 11-34 Ultegra cassette on the gravel wheels, and 11-30 on the road wheels, with a Dura Ace 11s chain.

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