Ozon Cyclery of Berlin, Germany: September 2020 Kickstarter Campaign for DIY Bamboo Bike Building – DIY Gravel Bike!

ozon cyclery diy bamboo bike kit

“Ozon Cyclery, located in the BLO Ateliers in Berlin, Lichtenberg, has taught bamboo bike building workshops since 2013. To make the building process accessible to the entire world, Ozon has compiled their knowledge into a series of DIY kits, augmented by extensive video tutorials and building templates. Concurrently to the opening of the Online Shop for DIY kits, Ozon will be hosting a Kickstarter campaign where the first round of DIY kits can be pre-ordered.”

ozon cyclery diy bamboo bike kit

“Bamboo bike building is a challenging and exciting hobby, and is perfect for technical schools, youth centers, and hobby groups. The bikes produced from the kits are beautiful, ecological, and withstand years of daily use.”

ozon cyclery diy bamboo bike kit

“Bamboo bikes have established themselves for longer than 20 years as long-lasting and competitive. DIY bamboo bike kits are also nothing new, yet Ozon offers the world’s only DIY bamboo cargo bike kit. Bamboo as a raw material is particularly suitable for cargo bikes due to its shock-absorbing properties, large tube diameter, and light weight.”

Ozon Kickstart Campaign Video

Ozon Cyclery Finished Bamboo DIY Gravel Bike

Sample Build Process

Find out more at Ozon Cyclery’s Website and Facebook Page.

This article will be updated with the Kickstarter link once it has gone live.