On Test: Cat5Gear Cyclist Case

The friendly folks at Cat5Gear Ready2Ride of Ontario, Canada, sent us their Cyclist Case to test and review.

Coincidentally, the sample case compliments JOM’s shoes nicely 🙂

Cat5GearCase3The Gravel Cyclist crew regularly travel to rides and races, and we’re known, me in particular (JOM), for the chaos that is associated with bag(s) exploding all over the hotel room.

While Cat5Gear’s case may not solve my personal dilemma, I am optimistic it will help organize my race clutter better, versus my standard backpack arrangement.

Cat5GearCase2We’ll be testing the case over the course of a month, before announcing our findings with a long term review.

Stay tuned!




  1. K-Dogg K-Dogg

    That looks awesome! I want to buy one!
    Jayson you need 3-4 of them just for an overnight. Much better than your usual 20 little shopping bags sprouting up everywhere. We are tired of stumbling in the dark just to spend a penny.

  2. Avatar Dr. Pain

    I second that KDogg’s comment. Do they make them in cubic yard dimensions? That way you could fit all your toiletries, spooge food, and spare kit in to one cargo van sized container. We would make you sleep in it as well.

    • JOM JOM

      Cheeky buggers. A second one would be handy, I could tote along my spare shoes and spare helmet like I always do in style!

      • K-Dogg K-Dogg

        Ooo! Ooo! Can we get them monogrammed?
        Don’t want it accidentally knobbed.

    • K-Dogg K-Dogg

      Sleep IN it. Yes, great idea Dr. Pain. Then we won’t hear his white noise laptop that sounds like running water all night. Not a good idea for us old guys who need multiple trips to the loo. Maybe we will let you sit up front a bit.

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