Officina Battaglin Introduces the ROMA 2024: Handmade Lugged Steel Reimagined for Lightness

officina battaglin roma review
Officina Battaglin Roma

Officina Battaglin, the renowned Italian custom bicycle manufacturer, is proud to announce its latest innovation, the ROMA steel-carbon lugged road bike. (Note from JOM: Perhaps we’ll see steel-carbon later? in the Portofino G Model – G for Gravel) – Officina Battaglin

This new addition to the “Cromovelato For You” collection sets a new paradigm in bicycle design by merging the smooth ride quality of lugged steel with the lightweight advantages of aerospace-grade carbon fiber.

Redefining what’s possible with Steel

“Traditionally, the unmatched comfort of steel comes with a certain weight penalty, a trade-off we’ve embraced as a dedicated steel bicycle manufacturer,” said Alex Battaglin, Co-founder and CEO of Officina Battaglin.

officina battaglin roma review
Officina Battaglin Roma

“However, with the ROMA project, we set out to redefine what’s possible with steel while staying true to the material’s roots. We’ve challenged ourselves to see how much weight we could eliminate without compromising the exceptional ride quality that only steel can offer.”

officina battaglin roma review
Officina Battaglin Roma

To achieve this, the design team strategically replaced steel with ultra-high-modulus aerospace-grade T1100 carbon fiber in specific areas less influential to shock absorption:

“The carbon components include the seat tube, seat stays, and head tube. This unique combination harnesses the best attributes of each material, creating a frame that rivals the lightness of titanium while maintaining the comfortable, vibration-dampening qualities of steel.

officina battaglin roma review
Officina Battaglin Roma

With the ROMA 2024, riders will no longer have to choose between comfort and weight.

The ROMA 2024’s endurance geometry is built around Officina Battaglin’s signature oversized lugged design, with 3D-printed oversized stainless steel lugs that accommodate the unique integration of steel and carbon.”

officina battaglin roma review
Officina Battaglin Roma

These lugs are not only functional but also a distinct aesthetic feature, complemented by the custom-made Columbus GB81 steel tubing, tailored specifically by Columbus to meet Officina Battaglin’s exacting standards.”

officina battaglin roma review
Officina Battaglin Roma

Custom-finished to suite the owner’s desires & delivered in four weeks

Officina Battaglin will offer the ROMA 2024 in 7 stock sizes. The frames will be built in small production batches, but before entering the painting booth in the Battaglin workshop, they will wait for the owner’s color preference.”

In fact, as part of the “Cromovelato For You” collection, each ROMA 2024 frame will be custom-finished in the owner’s choice of Officina Battaglin’s signature cromovelato finish and delivered in four weeks.”

Owners will have access to the full Officina Battaglin’s Premium Cromovelato selection, twelve vibrant colors plus the new exclusive gold rose finish, a nod to Officina Battaglin’s deep roots in the Giro d’Italia.”

The cromovelato beautifully contrasts with the raw, untouched elegance of the carbon tubes’ forged texture, creating a look that’s both elegantly classic and aggressive.”

Ordering a Roma: Enhanced Customer Experience

“The ROMA will be available through select premium bike boutiques worldwide. This network will provide personalized local support and expert advice, ensuring every ROMA owner a seamless purchase and ownership experience.”

The price for a ROMA frameset is € 5.500 and includes:

  • frame in stock size;
  • custom finish (one color from the Officina Battaglin Premium Cromovelato Selection);
  • carbon fork;
  • front and rear thru-axles.

Roma: Tech Details

  • Columbus GB81 steel tubing (Custom Officina Battaglin specifications)
  • Ultra-high-modulus aerospace-grade T1000 carbon fiber tubes
  • Carbon fork
  • Proprietary stainless steel lugs
  • T47 bottom bracket
  • 700×35 maximum tire clearance
  • Disc-brake only
  • Compatible only with wireless electronic groupsets


officina battaglin roma review
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officina battaglin roma review
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Inside Officina Battaglin – Factory Tour Video

Alternative Video Link for those reading via email subscription

About Officina Battaglin

Founded by Giovanni Battaglin following his victories in the 1981 Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España, Officina Battaglin combines timeless Italian craftsmanship with innovative bicycle technology. Under the leadership of Alex Battaglin, the company continues to innovate, offering cyclists around the world the chance to own a piece of cycling history that delivers modern performance.

Learn more at the Officina Battaglin Website


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