Mosaic Cycles launches Batch Built Program for GT-2 45 Titanium Gravel Bike & New MT-2 MTB Hardtail

mosaic cycles batch built gravel bike

“Mosaic’s Batch Built Program reduces turnaround time thanks to a more streamlined build process that includes stock geometry offerings. This allows the Boulder, Colorado-based company to deliver handmade bikes (starting with the MT-2 hardtail and GT-2 45 gravel bike) in just 2-4 weeks pending finish work and configuration selection.” – Mosaic Cycles – Link to Gravel Cyclist’s Mosaic Cycles Tour Video

Batch Built GT-2 45

“With the new Batch Built program, Mosaic is excited to offer its first round of Batch Built GT-2 45’s gravel bikes. Offering a complete size run (48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60cm), several frames in each size are currently hanging on the wall, ready for component spec and finish. Like the MT-2, the Mosaic Finishwork program is available as an upgrade and a Batch Built GT-2 45 will be delivered in 2-4 weeks.”

mosaic cycles batch built gravel bike

“Mosaic’s signature Made to Order custom program will remain in full flight alongside the new Batch Built program. As always, customers can design their bike with fully custom geometry for a one-of-a-kind ride. Here too, Mosaic continues to lead the custom handmade bike market with lead times of just 10-12 weeks.”

mosaic cycles batch built gravel bike

Batch Built MT-2 Titanium Hardtail MTB

“The new MT-2 hardtail delivers modern mountain bike geometry for a fast and playful ride. Designed with a 120mm suspension fork in mind and with ample clearance for 29×2.6” tires, the MT-2 offers versatility out on the trail, whether you’re lining up for an epic endurance mountain bike race, looking to rip your local trails, or simply enjoy that casual happy-hour cruise with friends.”

mosaic cycles batch built mountain bike

“A size-specific straight gauge titanium tubeset delivers a lightweight and exceptionally strong frameset that is built to be durable, comfortable, and exceptionally fun to ride.”

mosaic cycles batch built mountain bike

About Mosaic Cycles

“Mosaic Cycles builds handmade titanium bicycles in Boulder, CO. Excellence in precision fabrication and efficient business practices balance Mosaic as an industry leader, creating meaningful cycling moments and enduring products. Mosaic partners with select bicycle shops around the world to help share the experience of riding a titanium bicycle.”

Link to Gravel Cyclist’s Mosaic Cycles Tour Video

Mosaic Cycles


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