Lynskey Titanium Bicycles updates the PRO GR Gravel Bike for 2020

“A beast in the grit and a thoroughbred on the road. This bike doesn’t break ground it destroys it — the first and only Hand-Built Gravel frame with a 6AL/4V Aerospace Grade Titanium Tubeset!” – Lynskey Titanium Bicycles

lynskey pro gr 2020

Who Is This Bike For?

Power focused riders who need a rig that can handle the toughest conditions on any day, but demand a titanium comfort ride with a smooth finish.

lynskey pro gr 2020

What It Is

A gravel bike that possesses the power transfer, stiffness, and precision-handling capabilities — traditionally only found in our top tier Pro Level Performance road bikes. The bike you want on those on bone-rattling rides, when the carbon crowd gets nervous. Lynskey’s signature titanium tube within a tube cable routing system flows smoothly into the 6AL/4V diamond-shaped downtube — effortless to setup and the perfect “no rattle” solution.

lynskey pro gr 2020

  • Performance engineered diamond-shaped 6AL/4V tubeset for ultimate stiffness, stability, strength, and comfort
  • Lynskey signature tube within a tube internal cable routing system
  • (1) top tube mount and (3) water bottle mounts
  • Rack and fender mounts
  • Tapered Headtube ensures precision handling when paired with Lynskey’s Carbon Gravel Fork
  • 68mm English Threaded BSA Bottom Bracket Shell
  • Wright style dropouts with replaceable aluminum hanger
  • Conquer any mixed terrain with clearance for 700c x max 45mm

lynskey pro gr 2020

Currently available with SRAM groupsets. Shimano groupsets available 10/1/2020. Shimano GRX groupset availability coming soon.

lynskey pro gr 2020

Hand-built in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA by Lynskey Performance. The 2020 PRO GR titanium frame comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

lynskey pro gr 2020

Gravel Cyclist has reviewed the original PRO GR (see the review here), but may be reviewing the 2020 model a little later on… watch this space.

lynskey pro gr 2020

Lynskey Titanium Bicycles


  1. That’s a beauty! It looks like they’ve made some subtle, yet significant changes. Was the downtube always diamond shaped?

  2. Avatar Ron

    This frame and its diamond profile top tube reminds me of the era before they sold Litespeed. It’s great to see a 6/4 frame set again, and one without the odd corkscrew shaped tubing on the down tube that they’re so fond of.

  3. Avatar Oscar Garcia

    That is good looking frame. I just ordered the 2020 pro GR model base in your earlier version review. I wonder if the ride quality changed from have you riden the 2020 model?

    BTW, great job on your bike reviews!

    • JOM JOM

      I would assume the ride hasn’t changed that much. BTW I still have my PRO GR (2nd one ever made!), love it!

      • Avatar Oscar Garcia

        That is good to hear.

        And between the GR PRO and GR300? I am 6-4 with 207lb and am looking for a do it all bike. 50/50 road/gravel, where I would take this bike to my weekend tempo group rides without hesitation.

        Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

  4. Avatar Rob Hansen


    I recently purchased a Lynskey Pro GR based largely on your informative reviews. I admittedly favor Ti. I have been riding a Moots VaMoots for 18 years and have a Steve Potts mountain bike (no suspension). I’m new to gravel, but not biking, and I love my new Lynskey Pro GR. Thanks!

  5. Avatar Mikec

    Any feedback on the new Lynskey Race GR? Thanks !

  6. Avatar Ion

    What are the weight for new 2020 Pro GR?

    • JOM JOM

      You need to contact Lynskey with that question, it will also depend on the build kit.

  7. Avatar Rob Hansen

    Hmm… I haven’t weighed my Pro GR. Likely more than carbon, but I wouldn’t trade. I’ve ridden gravel, trail, and my road biking route up high grade, from Littleton, CO into the mountains. I love this bike!

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