Lezyne launches completely redesigned Multi Tool Range – 23 New Models!

lezyne multi tools 2021

Lezyne is pleased to announce the release of its completely redesigned range of bicycle multitools. Focusing on improved ergonomics, increased functionality, and class-leading precision and durability, the tools offer workshop quality in a palm-sized form factor.

lezyne multi tools 2021
The RAP line of Multi Tools

“So many multi-tools these days are designed almost as if disposability were a feature,” said Micki Kozuschek, founder and CEO of Lezyne. “By pairing forward-thinking design, modern tool combinations and shop-quality tool bits with class-leading durability, we’ve been able to create a lineup of tools where each truly earns its place in a rider’s kit.”

lezyne multi tools 2021
Super V Pro Multi Tool

Comprised of 23 different models across the RAP II, V Pro, SV PRO, Super V and Super SV collections, the range has been designed to ensure there’s a tool with the perfect mix for every fix—and riding discipline.

A Feel-Good Story

Each tool collection sees the adoption of new, smooth-radius aluminum side plates that offer much-improved ergonomics while also keeping overall tool weight to a minimum. The side plates on the V Pro, SV PRO, Super V and Super SV collections also see the introduction of integrated thumb holds for easier torque application. Longer tool bits across the collection allow for easier access to inconveniently located fasteners, while a redesigned side plate fixing system reduces pressure points while also providing much smoother tool foldout.

lezyne multi tools 2021
SV PRO Multi Tool

Multi-Talented: Precision Meets Versatility

From the RAP II 19 CO2 tool that’s just as comfortable with tubeless repairs and tire top-offs as mid-ride fit adjustments, to the toolbox-replacing Super SV 23, every tool has been designed with careful attention paid to real-world use cases to ensure tool functions and bit assortments that aren’t just useable, but useful.

lezyne multi tools 2021
RAP Multi-Tool Co2

A Bit of Perfection

Precision machined in-house to allow for exacting quality control and tolerances normally reserved for shop-quality tools, the tool bits used by the V Pro, SV PRO, Super V and Super SV collections promise flawless performance while helping to ensure rounded-out fasteners won’t damage components—or result in ruined rides.

lezyne multi tools 2021
V PRO Multi Tool

In-house machining of the tools also allows for increased shaping of the bit shafts to allow for significant weight savings and smaller overall tool sizes while still exceeding the strength and rigidity required for high-torque applications.

lezyne multi tools 2021
Dual Insert Kit (may not be suitable drop bars)

The Finishing Touch

Rounding out the redesigned range is a focus on increased corrosion-resistance courtesy of advanced finishing treatments and carefully considered materials selection.

lezyne multi tools 2021
Tubeless Insert Kit

Debuting on tools in the RAP II, V Pro and Super V collections is Lezyne’s Black Anti-Corrosion Technology, a proprietary two-stage finish which imparts the tools with class-leading corrosion-resistance (based on industry-standard salt-spray testing), while their anodized-aluminum side plates are virtually corrosion-proof by nature while also reducing weight.

lezyne multi tools 2021
Dual Insert Kit in Use

A masterclass in materials selection, the SV Pro and Super SV collections employs a specially chosen grade of stainless steel sourced from Japan for its exceptional hardness and natural corrosion resistance while 7000-series aluminum side plates further reduce weight while retaining aluminum’s inherent anti-corrosion properties.

lezyne multi tools 2021
Tubeless Insert Kit in Use

All tools are currently shipping and customers are advised to check their nearest Lezyne Pro Shop for availability.

For more information and to view Lezyne’s entire range of multi-tools, please visit https://ride.lezyne.com/collections/bicycle-multi-tools


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