First Look: Panaracer Gravelking X1 & New Compounds

panaracer gravelking x1 review
Meet the Panaracer Gravelking X1

“Gravelking tires are meticulously crafted by skilled tire makers in our own factory in Japan. Having gone through a decade of rigorous development and testing in diverse terrains and weather conditions all over the world, we are confident that there is a Gravelking tire perfectly suited to the way you ride.” – Panaracer

Panaracer Gravelking X1 First Look Video

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“Panaracer is GRAVEL”

panaracer gravelking x1 review
New Gravelking Compounds: More Details Below

New Tread Design: Gravelking X1

“Introducing the GRAVELKING X1, a testament to over two years of meticulous development and testing, marking the first tread design innovation in the Gravelking series in over four years. Engineered for optimal performance, the X1’s center tread is finely tuned for exceptional rolling speed, surpassing the rolling resistance of both the GRAVELKING SS and SK in real-world and laboratory testing.”

panaracer gravelking x1 review
L: Gravelking SK, R: Gravelking X1

“Challenging the norms of conventional gravel tire design, the X1 introduces side knobs that break the mold—positioned higher and more aggressively than the center tread. Remarkably, the tire’s unique shape ensures exceptionally smooth transitions, maintaining control even in diverse terrains. This innovative design shines when navigating through loose and rocky landscapes, delivering heightened traction during straightaways and sharp turns. The outcome is a tire that not only excels in rolling speed but also fearlessly conquers challenging terrains, providing stability and instilling unwavering confidence in every rider.”

panaracer gravelking x1 review
Gravelking X1

Specifications / New Compounds

New Gravelking

panaracer gravelking new compounds

ZSG Gravel Compound

Featuring a specialized gravel-specific compound crafted from our proprietary ZSG (Zero Slip Grip) material. ZSG ensures remarkable resistance to temperature and weather fluctuations, ensuring consistent rubber performance across a spectrum from near freezing to scorching temperatures performs lower Rolling Resistance and Grip for both Gravel and Tarmac.”


Boasting a supple, high thread count casing fortified with precisely engineered bead-to-bead puncture protection.”


Our redesigned bead is engineered to accommodate a broader range of rims, including both hookless and clincher types. In most instances, mounting the tire can be effortlessly achieved with a standard floor pump.”

New Gravelking+ (Plus)

panaracer gravelking new compounds
Gravelking+ (Plus)

With ZSG Gravel Compound


Increases resilience with a dual layer of bead-to-bead TuffTex material, providing additional puncture resistance and heightened security in the most challenging conditions.”

With BeadLock

New Gravelking R

panaracer gravelking new compounds
Gravelking R

With ZSG Gravel Compound

TuffTex R

“TuffTex R’s bead-to-bead protection represents our most supple and lightweight casing to date. This distinctive combination guarantees an exceptionally smooth ride, providing the lowest rolling resistance available in a Gravelking tire.”

With BeadLock

Gravelking Sizes

panaracer gravelking x1 review

Learn more at the Panaracer Website, review coming later!


  1. Avatar Bruce Bock

    Let us know if the higher side knobs reduce the speed on the road in comparison to the regular GK tire.

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