FastAF Hydration Mix Fuels Fall Gravel Rides for less Coin

“If you’re putting down as many ounces as miles during the fall and winter season, you’ve probably noticed how expensive sports drink mixes have become. We’ve all got our favorites, but from an ingredient standpoint, they’ve all become very similar, too. So, what makes newcomer FastAF Hydration different? Price.” –
fast af nutrition hydration
FastAF is formulated with the same citrate-based electrolytes as the leading brands, uses real dried fruit powders and organic flavors, and real sugar for carbs. It’s designed with the right osmolality to absorb quickly, so no sloshing about. And the flavors are light, so you won’t get that gummed up mouthfeel after a few bottles.
fast af nutrition hydration
It does all that for a fraction of the price. FastAF comes in a 25-serving pouch, with full-size 16oz servings, for $15.95. Compare that to the usual 20-servings-for-$20 price of other brands, and it’s almost 1/3 less per serving. Here’s how it breaks down:
fast af nutrition hydration
We’ve been riding with it and like it, and mostly likely post a proper review later, but in the meantime, it’s worth a try. We know the owners too, and they’re good blokes. It’s made in the USA, packed and shipped from Asheville, North Carolina.
If you’re putting in the base miles this fall and winter, indoors or out (because you know we all sweat buckets on the trainer), FastAF looks like a bargain way to put top fuel in your system and pound out a few more kilometres.
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