Fara Cycling Announces The All-New F/AR All-Road Bike: With Integrated Frame Bags!

Fara Cycling F/AR All-Road Bike Review

“F/AR // The Adventure Begins Where the Asphalt Ends.”

Norwegian bicycle brand Fara Cycling announces the new F/AR All Road bike. Inspired by Fara’s The Oslo Project and their emblematic mixed surface route selection combining asphalt and gravel, the “Marka” forests and countryside surrounding their home city of Oslo. For the first time in the cycling industry, Fara collaborated with Roswheel to develop integrated frame bags simultaneously that easily click into the frame with mounting hardware from Fidlock. So whether it’s your daily commute to work or on your next adventure into the unknown. This bike has all your bases covered.

Fara Cycling F/AR All-Road Bike Review

For the F/AR, Fara worked with one of the industry’s leading frame designers, who is also responsible for developing many of the most recognizable bikes currently on the market. This collaboration enabled Fara to lean on decades of experience and build something truly unique, addressing specific frame requirements that are key not only for ultra-distance cycling but also ideal for commuting and rowdy road rides.

“We dreamed of a bike that would allow us to access remote areas with a solid construction and componentry but still travel fast, covering long distances with ease.” – Jeff Webb, CEO and founding partner of Fara Cycling

Fara Cycling F/AR All-Road Bike Review

With this end-use in mind, Fara realized that they had a golden opportunity to take integration to a new level by being the first bike company to develop both frame and bag designs simultaneously. This resulted in integrated, hidden frame-bag mounts that avoid frame damage incurred with classic strap mounting. Relying on Fidlock mounts ensured the resulting bag system, including a frame bag, handlebar, and saddlebag, is easy to use, high-performing, and rife with the features that Fara felt were missing in existing products.

Fara – The Oslo Project

Other features that make this frame more than resilient enough for any road surface is a rock-guard that protects the frame from flying debris on burly descents and white-knuckled off-road riding. Proprietary fenders eliminate the hassle of trying to find the right fender that will fit your frame.

Fara Cycling F/AR All-Road Bike Review

Fara spent 18 months of product development, testing, and refining its design to deliver an iconic example of what All Road riding can be. The new F/AR is not only a culmination of Fara’s extensive knowledge and experience but one of the most exciting bikepacking / fast touring bikes coming to market in 2021.

Make your reservation for the new F/AR now to be sure to have the bike when it starts shipping during the second half of May. Click here for more information from launch day.

Fara Cycling F/AR All-Road Bike Review

 The 4 key values incorporated into the design were:

  • Versatility – by geometry, aggressive yet stable and predictable, this bike is versatile enough to be an Endurance bike, or fast-Touring bike, or a commuter bike (depending on how it is set up with regards to components and tire dimensions).
  • Compatibility – Integrated bag mounts, ample additional mounts, fender mounts, standard round 27.2 seatpost, standard cockpit despite fully hidden cable routing, 1X-2X drivetrain, electronic or mechanical drivetrain.
  • Essentiality – The features of the bike are only those essentially needed for the intended use, nothing is missing but Fara achieved that with less small parts needed (no BB opening, no downtube cable routing plastic parts, no hose grommets, no custom seatpost wedges, no mechanical cable stops, no thru-axle nuts to lose.
  • Subtlety – elegant “minimalistic” design, in the Scandinavian tradition, smoothly blending the basic structural elements without unnecessary gimmicks, for a natural product shape as well as being optimized structurally for manufacturing and performance.

Key features & Specifications

  • Frame Construction: Carbon Fibre
  • Fork Construction: Carbon Fibre
  • Frame weight: 980g (medium size)
  • Tire Clearance: The frame is designed to work ideally with 32-35mm, 700c tires
  • Maximum clearance is 38c Slicks or 32mm with low profile tread
  • Clearance with Fara Fenders is 35mm or 32mm studded tires
  • Integrated baggage attachment system attachment points
  • Integrated Stealth Fender Mounts front and rear with a dedicated fender set
  • Rear can be used for a light rack.
  • Bottle mounts on downtube, seat tube and underside of downtube
  • Bento Mount on top tube
  • Attachment points for Versacage on fork
  • Flat Mount disc brakes, 140mm front and rear (160mm w adapter)
  • Fully internal brake cables front (through fork) and rear (entry at headset)
  • Fully internal derailleur housing front and rear – entry at headset
  • 1.5” Token S-Box integrated headset for internal wiring
  • 27,2mm round seatpost, Universal, external clamp
  • 100mmx142mm TA12mm axles
  • BB386 Bottom Bracket Standard


Fara Cycling F/AR All-Road Bike Review

About Fara Cycling

Fara Cycling is a Norwegian bike brand that began in Stjørdal, Norway in 2016. Now located in Oslo, the founder, Jeff Webb, is a former professional cyclist who looked to improve the customer experience and the way cyclists purchase their bikes. The team at Fara Cycling all have serious experience on the bike with long rides around the world, as well as on their regular work commute mixing in unpaved variety when inclined.

Born from the principles of Nordic minimalistic design and highly influenced by the Norwegian environment, their bikes are built to the most rigorous standards from the world’s finest components. Their collection of performance bicycles is made to be ridden by the most passionate and dedicated cyclists.

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