Expand your wheel options with JJBP 15-12 Fork Conversion Kits: Use 12mm wheels with 15mm Forks!

JJBP 15-12 Fork Conversion Kit Review

Wilmington, DE USA – JJP&E LLC is thrilled to officially announce the immediate availability of JJBP 15-12 Fork Conversion Kits, a suite of manufacturer-specific kits designed to convert your gravel, cyclocross, road, or MTB fork from 15×100 to 12×100, allowing use of a wide range of formerly incompatible front wheels.

JJBP 15-12 Fork Conversion Kit Review
Owners of the Niner MCR 9 RDO, rejoice! Now you can use 12mm wheels with the FOX AX

With JJBP 15-12 Fork Conversion Kits you will no longer have to constantly swap hub adapters, skip over bargain-priced 12×100 wheels, or worst of all, pay twice for a wheel because it had to be rebuilt to match a 15×100 fork. Requiring only common hand tools for installation, 15×100 fork is ready for a 12×100 wheel in a matter of minutes, freeing up more time for the trails or roads.

JJBP 15-12 Fork Conversion Kit Review

Utilizing CNC machined and anodized aluminum components, each kit is made for a specific fork configuration, many of which are exclusive to a certain bike model. A kit consists of a thread adapter or threaded insert, a thru-hole insert, and a matched thru-axle, providing everything necessary for a seamless transition to the 12×100 standard.

JJBP 15-12 Fork Conversion Kit Review

Kits can be purchased through direct orders and on Ebay, with Amazon ordering available in the near future. If your model is not listed, it can still likely be converted so please contact us through email. Note that kits for the Trek Boone and Crockett are coming soon.


JJBP 15-12 Fork Conversion Kit Review
Conversion kit for the FOX AX suspension fork
JJBP 15-12 Fork Conversion Kit Review
3T Luteus II 15mm fork with an ENVE 12mm hub
JJBP 15-12 Fork Conversion Kit Review
JJBP 15-12 Fork Conversion Kits make this possible!

JJBP 15-12 Fork Conversion Kit Review

Joe Jackson, creator/engineer: “The disc-brake invasion of the drop bar cycling world has brought us many good things, and a fair share of annoyances as well, none bigger than making a once plug-and-play component like the front wheel suddenly fraught with compatibility issues. JJBP 15-12 Fork Conversion Kits are the first and only solution to thru-axle mismatch and are available for nearly every 15×100 fork ever made.”

Joe Jackson, Creator/Engineer, [email protected]

14 comments on “Expand your wheel options with JJBP 15-12 Fork Conversion Kits: Use 12mm wheels with 15mm Forks!

  1. This is funny!

    Anything to for the web traffic/views?

    I mean Please explain how this Expands your wheel options, and how you can endorse it.

    When you plainly dissed on Niner RLT for moving from 15 to a 12 thru axle on the fork because it diminished your wheel options.

    1. Funny? I really don’t appreciate the assumption you’re making that I’m doing this for traffic. Joe, the gent behind this product has solved a problem for many riders in that you can now use 12mm wheels with a 15mm fork. Joe’s operation is pretty small, he isn’t a manufacturing giant and this product won’t be for every cyclist. I think you have your wires crossed with your comment.

      Yes, the shift from 15mm to 12mm on the Niner RLT does diminish wheel options – I stand behind that. The FOX AX fork is 15mm only on the Niner MCR 9 RDO. Joe’s product opens up a lot of 12mm wheel options to riders whose bikes are fitted with 15mm thru-axle forks.

  2. Great!!!
    your 12mm wheels for your RLT 9 will now work on 15 mm forks!
    and your 15mm wheels work on your RLT9 with 12mm end caps.

    Not a single thing to diminish any wheel choices or bike choice anymore.


    1. You’re killing me as that was the point of the article. Moving on, thank you for chiming in, I do appreciate people being candid around here 🙂

  3. As an owner of the product, I say this saved me $, time and from having to buy either new front wheels or a fork. They are not cheap!
    Joe provided a service that fills a need, and am happy for the guys ingenuity.

    1. Just looked on eBay, no Niner RLT option. DT have dropped the 15×100 option on the new 240 and 180 hubs. These products are likely to get more demand soon.

      1. Niner kit is back up on Ebay. I had an axle shortage which forced me to pull a bunch of auctions temporarily.

  4. This is great news, as my wife’s carbon Salsa Warbird is from the initial carbon release with 15mm fork.

  5. I think this is what I need!?
    I have a Raleigh Roker Race with 15×100 front fork and I have a wheel with 12mm axle.
    How can I order for delivery to the Uk?
    Many thanks

  6. Your article just saved me quite some embarrassment as I accidentally bought Bontrager Affinity TLR wheel set that has uses 12mm back _and_ front… My TREK 920 is of course 15mm in front (of course…because, why have a single standard…we know the story)… and voilà! The JJBP solution had the exact kit I needed!

    1. Nice timing! The Trek 920 and Boone/Crockett kits were just added this week.

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