ENVE introduces Full-Custom Decal Configurator – Jazz up your ENVE Wheels!

“ENVE is pleased to announce the launch of an all-new online decal configurator that gives ENVE riders the opportunity to customize their M Series, G Series, SES and Foundation Collection wheelsets. The online decal configurator allows for complete customization of the design. From using existing templates that offer a semi-custom design, to having full control of the design by uploading a custom design or image, ENVE’s new configurator is limited only by the user’s creativity.” – ENVE

ENVE Full-Custom Decal Configurator

“Color-matched and custom decals have always been part of the ENVE ownership experience,” said Jake Pantone, ENVE’s VP of Product and Brand. “The ability to customize one’s decals personalizes the experience and makes an ENVE’d out bike standout in a sea of sameness. Due to the complexities around managing custom decals for hundreds of customers, we had to severely limit the program until we could develop a more autonomous solution.”

ENVE Full-Custom Decal Configurator

“The online based decal configurator provides a complete library of preloaded graphics, colors and editing tools, putting the design in the hands of the customer. Popular colors that match OEM paint schemes for frames and forks have been built into the tool, making it easy to match your ENVE wheels to your frame and fork. In addition, ENVE has partnered with veteran decal print houses Stikrd and Slik Graphics to ensure that customers receive best-in-class print and service quality.”

ENVE Full-Custom Decal Configurator
JOM’s custom wheel decal package

“The custom decal configurator allows customers to purchase new ENVE wheels with the decals factory installed, or as decals-only for installation on an existing ENVE wheelset. Both of these options are available on ENVE.com. Each kit comes with enough decals for a complete wheelset, rider name tag decals, and extra ENVE window decals. Pricing starts at $40 for the Foundation Collection road-wheels, and goes up to $80 for M Series, SES, and G Series model wheels due to the additional decals required per wheelset.

ENVE Full-Custom Decal Configurator
JOM’s ENVE G23 wheel decal set, appearing on wheels soon!

Additional Photos

ENVE Full-Custom Decal Configurator

The ENVE Decal Configurator is now live on ENVE.com


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