Dress Up Your Bike with the Paul Components Klamper Stem Topcap

Paul Components Klamper Stem Topcap

Ok, we may as well be honest about how this idea came about, because it’s a little funny. A couple of us were chatting around an assembly area here at the machine shop, and there was a small bin of random jumbled PAUL parts sitting on a bench. A Klamper pad adjuster had fallen into the steerer-clamp part of a Boxcar stem, and we were like, “Hey, this looks cool…”. We started showing it around the shop saying “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” and everybody was like “YES! That’s a great idea!” – Paul Components

Paul Components Klamper Stem Topcap

So, we sat down and designed this headset topcap to look like our Klamper pad adjuster, but fit the top of any stem/spacer situation. Of course, we machined them to tolerances waaaay beyond what a topcap needs (we can’t help ourselves.), and machined “Have A Nice Ride” on there, because we really do want you to have a nice ride. We thought these topcaps would really tie the room together and look awesome if you have, say, Black Klampers with Orange pad adjusters, and want to run a black Boxcar Stem with an Orange Topcap. Or Purple with black…or, you get the idea!”

Paul Components Klamper Stem Topcap

Technical Information

  • Material: 6061 American-Milled Aluminum 
  • Cap Weight: 6g 
  • Finish: Anodized or Polished 
  • Anodized Colors: Black, Purple, Silver, Pewter, Gold, Blue, Orange, Red, Green, and Pink
  • Stainless bolt included, star-nut not included  
  • Machined by a bunch of bike nerds in sunny Chico, California
  • In stock: NOW

Paul Components Klamper Stem Topcap

Paul Components Factory Tour Video!

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Additional Photos

Paul Components Klamper Stem Topcap

Paul Components Klamper Stem Topcap

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