DIY Carbon Bikes Monster Cross Build: Big Tires, Big Clearance, Big Fun!

“Quality carbon is light, stiff and allows for compliant and light components, and stiff, aero, wide, and light rims. And, when you buy factory direct from reputable factories and cut out the middle men and overhead, quality carbon components are a click away.” – DIY Carbon Bikes

diy carbon bikes monster cross

Trusted & Verified Manufacturing

“Not all carbon is created equal. We work with the trusted factories that major brands work with. We have built relationships with them and know their products. The products are tested under the same rigorous standards used by major brands. We, as avid cyclists in multiple cycling disciplines, also verify the quality of the items we sell and we understand their assembly so we can answer any questions.”

diy carbon bikes monster cross

Knowledgeable & American Customer Service

“We are born and raised American-made cyclist, yet we know the overseas cycling industry. Unlike other direct suppliers, riding is our passion, and we know the bikes and components you are purchasing. But, we also know cycling technology and the building process. We are here to answer your questions, and it is our pleasure to have conversations with you about the passion we share.”

diy carbon bikes monster cross

The DIY Carbon Bikes Monster Cross Build

diy carbon bikes monster cross


diy carbon bikes monster crossdiy carbon bikes monster cross

diy carbon bikes monster cross

diy carbon bikes monster cross

diy carbon bikes monster cross

diy carbon bikes monster cross


  1. Avatar Mike Z

    It doesn’t make a lot of sense having 12 gears and sticking a thumb shifter next to the stem. No shifting under brakes, no shifting on technical terrain. Why not just spec an 11speed Force brake/shifter combo and an 11 speed 9-46t E13 cassette? All the gear range with a shifter you can use.

    • Avatar Soaklord

      I have an 11 speed 11-46 on one bike and a ten speed 11-46 on another bike. The ten speed gets used on the road and I am amazed at how often the right gear for my cadence is “between” the two I have available. I thought for sure dropping one gear but having the same range wouldn’t be an issue, but it can be significant at times. It works, but I notice the gaps a lot more than I expected and find when I am riding with another rider, that I sometimes can not find the right gear to keep cadence and speed.

  2. Avatar Josh

    I’m curious what the estimated total cost of this build is versus going with AXS?

  3. Avatar Chris DiNino

    I bought a complete bike from DIY Carbon and the experience has been a nightmare. They confirmed color and finish, gave me a timeline for the build and a ship date. They missed the mark on all three. Wrong finish – glossy instead of matte. Timeline took weeks longer. Ship date was also off. When I confronted them about the finish they blamed me and said they sent an email with a picture which was not true. I told them I could get the frame disassembled, stripped and refinished locally. He told me they only make less than $200 profit on a $3200 bike and couldn’t afford to offer me a refund for the cost of their mistake. I caught them in numerous lies and will never use them again. Very unethical. Can it be trusted at all.

  4. Avatar Seth

    Ugh.. who thought that build was a good idea? Why not put a cheap component set on a cheap bike? As someone prior said, what’s up with the thumb shifter on a bike with drop bars? Posts like this make me question DIY carbon bikes.. who would buy some weird build like this? Maybe for parts I guess…

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