Czech bicycle company, Repete, introduces a Gravel Bike and online platform dedicated to cycling culture

“The Prague based bicycle company, Repete, introduced new models after several years of development: ​the Reason road model and the Verne gravel bike​. Repete also introduced its new ​Prague showroom​. Additionally, the new website has been fully launched, including an ​online magazine​ of the same name. The Repete brand made its name in 2015 when it was the only domestic brand to win the award for the best road bike at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Repete bikes are not only award-winning bikes blending modern and classic technology, but they also provide a platform for all those for whom the bike is an essential vehicle of free movement.” – Repete Cycles

repete verde steel gravel bike

“Two years ago we decided to translate the experience we gained from manufacturing custom steel bikes into the development of the new ready-made Reason and Verne models. We still produce our frames in Prague, but in a new location where most of the production processes take place. Every single piece passes through our hands countless times before the final production, so we are therefore absolutely certain of the quality of our bikes,” ​ says Mikoláš Voverka, one of the company’s founders.

repete verde steel gravel bike

The Verne is an all-road gravel model with the possibility of fitting 700x40c or 650x47c wheels. Frames are made from high-strength Columbus Spirit HSS steel and complemented by a Columbus Futura carbon fork with tapered steerer.

repete verde steel gravel bike

The shaped over-sized tubes, the T47 bottom bracket shell, and the shaped rear stay create the rigidity of the frame to efficiently transfer energy while making the frame comfortable on all types of surfaces. Disc brakes and thru axles provide great braking properties. Bikes are available in six sizes and two colors.

repete verde steel gravel bike

“The details are the character of our products, and that is why we focused on developing our own flat-mount dropouts, which are made utilizing investment steel casting technology. Thanks to the innovative internal cable routing, which we produced with state-of-the-art 3D printing, the frame is compatible with mechanical and electronic shifting. The bike, therefore, remains visually clean,” adds Repete co-founder, Robin Fišer.

repete verde steel gravel bike

Along with the unveiling of the Verne model, Repete presented a new visual identity for the brand under the design of Martin Kolerus. The new e-magazine site is divided into sections where you can look behind the scenes of handmade frame production, soak up the atmosphere of Repete’s activities or participate in them, and watch video reports from events and people connected through cycling. In addition, Repete offers the opportunity to take part in bike rides around Prague and its surroundings as well as other destinations for weekend events. Showroom will provide a community space for the public outside the main cycling season – presenting lectures, discussions, exhibitions and more.


repete verde steel gravel bike

Technical Specs

repete verde steel gravel bikeUse of Tires up to 700c x 40mm & 650b x 47mm

The great variability in tire use makes our gravel model Verne a versatile bicycle. By changing the tire, it is possible to enjoy a full road ride or to climb mountain trails by bike. Maximum clearance of 700×40c and 650×47c is ensured by a suitable rear structure, which is pressed in the upper part for greater flexion – making the frame more comfortable and better at absorbing unevenness.

repete verde steel gravel bike

Stainless steel flat-mount cast dropout

The dropouts are produced by the technology of steel investment casting by the lost model method. The production of the dropouts is a long way from design, through functional prototypes made using 3D printing to the production of final molds for wax models. The dropouts are hollow for weight reduction and supplemented with aluminum inserts produced by us, which allow the wheel to be fixed by a thru-axle 142×12. In addition, the left dropout in combination with the internal cable routing functions as a variable part for both mechanical and electronic shifting. The connection to the rear stay is designed without a visible transition, thus achieving maximum visual clarity.

repete verde steel gravel bike

Internal shifting cable and brake hose routing

In order to make the frame compatible for both mechanical and electronic shifting, we have developed an innovative solution that makes it easy to adapt the frame with replaceable inserts. They are made by advanced 3D printing from highly durable Nylon PA12 material. Both the shifting cables and the brake hose enter the frame at only one point on the down tube and pass internally through the frame through the grommet in the T47 bottom bracket shell. We have completely hidden the cable routing in the frame, making it less susceptible to dirt and adding to the aesthetics of the bike.

repete verde steel gravel bike

Frame material — Columbus Spirit HSS

It is a chrom-molybdenum steel alloy called Niobium, which achieves a high tensile strength UTS=1250MPa and a yield strength Ys=870Mpa. The tubes are triple-butted and in some parts have a wall thickness of only 0.4mm. This ensures excellent mechanical properties at the lowest possible weight. Thanks to a special forming process and heat treatment, the tubes have a higher weather resistance and thus increase their service life. The special tube shaping design guarantees perfect rigidity at the connection points to the head tube and in the center region. We apply a Teflon coating inside the frames to increase the anti-corrosion properties.

repete verde steel gravel bike

Head tube with tapered fork 1 1/2″ – 1 1/4″

The head tubes of our production are CNC turned from chrome-molybdenum steel, while they are gradually butted internally up to the wall thickness 1,2mm to reduce weight. The head tube is compatible with the ZS44 / EC44 headset. Our frameset includes a Columbus Futura Gravel fork with 1 1/2 ”- 1 1/4” steerer, 382mm in length and a 100×12 thru axle.

repete verde steel gravel bike

Threaded bottom bracket T47

We wanted to keep the advantages of the threaded bottom bracket on the frame, which consist mainly in long service life and easy service. The bottom bracket shell T47 has an enlarged diameter with M47x1 thread. Combined with over-sized tubes, the unit forms a stiffer joint, resulting in more efficient energy transfer when pedaling. In addition, the bottom bracket shell enables integrated cable and brake hose routing — we make the shifting guide through 3D printing from durable Nylon PA12 material.

repete verde steel gravel bike


Frameset prices are 2,500 Euro, deduct VAT of 21% if ordering outside of Europe.

Ultegra Mechanical / Hydraulic Disc brake is 4,200 Euro.

Campagnolo Chorus Mechanical / Hydraulic Disc 12-Speed is 4,600 Euro.

Repete Cycles


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