Challenge launches the Gravel Getaway Tire: Handmade Tubeless Ready (H-TLR) for All-Around Riding

challenge getaway tire review

Challenge Tires introduces the GETAWAY, a new all-around gravel tire built with the latest gravel-specific construction and a gravel tread designed to take you beyond where the pavement ends to where the terrain is less maintained. Its tread includes a tightly packed, fast-rolling center for straight-line control and speed, open transition knobs for either sandy or wet terrain, and more aggressive shoulder knobs for controlled cornering and stability in loose conditions.

challenge getaway tire review

The GETAWAY joins the high-performance Handmade Tubeless Ready (H-TLR) gravel line-up: a combination of Handmade construction and TLR properties for ultimate traction and ride quality. The technology minimizes rolling resistance (Crr), while improving comfort and overall handling. That construction includes:

Corazza Armor

The GETAWAY includes a double layer 260TPI SuperPoly casing that delivers maximum sidewall protection while retaining a very supple and comfortable ride. As an additional touch, a bead-to-bead latex-based inner coating further improves puncture protection while greatly reducing air pressure dissipation.

challenge getaway tire review

Ganzo PPS – Puncture Protection System

The GETAWAY features the all-new GANZO PPS puncture protection system. A highly flexible, tighter weave, multi-component puncture protection fabric placed between the tread and the casing. This new PPS structure is lighter, more puncture-resistant, and retains Challenge’s supple ride.

challenge getaway tire review

SMARTplus Compound

The GETAWAY also comes with the new gravel-specific tread comprised of a special high durometer, natural rubber SMARTplus compound. This new compound reduces wear, enhances durability and the SMARTplus rubber compound still retains all of the natural rubber properties like shock-absorption, better control, and reduced rolling resistance, a handy combination when riding on varying terrain.

challenge getaway tire review

Chafer Aramid Bead Protection Strip

The GETAWAY includes a bead protection strip to enhance longevity by reducing the effects of chafing, or rubbing, that can occur with a rim’s carbon bead hooks. The contrasting black chafer also acts as a precise line around the rim to confirm that the tire has obtained uniform bead seating all-around.

challenge getaway tire review

Tubeless Sealant

Handmade TLR are best combined with an appropriately conceived sealant, such as the Challenge’s SMART Tubeless Sealant, which protects the natural properties of its rubber for a longer-lasting performing tire, while further enhancing air retention and puncture protection

challenge getaway tire review


  • Size: 700×40 / 40-622
  • Color: Black tread, tan casing
  • Weight: 460 grams
  • Retail Price $85.99 / €77.90
  • Available late December 2020

Challenge Tires


  1. Avatar CHRISTIAN Bratina

    How easy are they to mount? I could not install their last handmade tire without tearing the tube.

    What is the actual width? Their 38c measures 36mm and their 42c measures 44 mm on my H Plus Son TB14 rims.

    • JOM JOM

      Christian, I do not have a sample set at the moment to answer your questions.

  2. Avatar Dan Stookey

    I would like to try a pair but at $86.00 each but that would be a stretch for me unless they can last for over a couple of thousand miles. My last pair of Challenge gravel tires wore out quickly.

    • JOM JOM

      Definitely a steep price, hand-made cost$.

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