Cane Creek announces new Hellbender 70 Bottom Bracket & T47 Hellbender Neo Bottom Bracket

Cane Creek Cycling Components is proud to announce the release of their all-new Hellbender 70 bottom bracket and the addition of T47 sizing to the existing line of Hellbender Neo bottom brackets.

cane creek hellbender bottom bracket review

The Hellbender 70 bottom bracket utilizes a bearing made of 440C stainless steel, providing exceptional ride quality and reliability. While not quite as resistant to contamination as the SKF MTRX bearings found in Cane Creek’s Hellbender Neo bottom bracket, the stainless steel bearing provides excellent durability and corrosion resistance and creates slightly less drag.

“The stainless steel bearing in the Hellbender 70 strikes a perfect balance between value and lasting performance,” said Eric Smith, director of supply chain at Cane Creek “It doesn’t matter if you have a $1,200 bike or a $12,000 bike, the Hellbender 70 bottom bracket is going to be an impactful and lasting upgrade.”

Hellbender 70 bottom brackets are machined from 6061 – T6 aluminum with an anodized black finish and are available in BSA30, PF30, BB30 and T47 in both 30mm and 29mm (DUB) sizing as well as PF41 in 30mm only.

Additionally, Hellbender Neo bottom brackets are now available in T47 for 30mm only. 29mm (DUB) sizing is not available for Hellbender Neo bottom brackets at this time.

The Hellbender Neo bottom bracket is Cane Creek’s premium bottom bracket, the defining feature of which is Cane Creek’s Hellbender Neo bearing. The bearings incorporate Swedish manufacturer SKF’s patented MTRX technology – an oil-filled, solid polymer matrix that completely fills the free space in the bearing. During use, oil is released from micro-pores in the polymer, continuously lubricating the bearings. 

The solid oil matrix has the effect of eliminating any empty space inside the bearing – preventing dirt, mud and water from entering and causing wear and damage. This allows the bottom bracket to be ridden in the most extreme conditions without the need to regularly service or lubricate the bearings. The Hellbender Neo is so robust that it will even stand up to regular pressure washing.

Hellbender 70 Bottom Bracket Specifications

  • Cups/Shell Material – 6061 Aluminum T6
  • Finish – Black Anodized
  • Bearings – Premium 440C Stainless Steel Bearing
  • Variations – BSA Threaded, PF41, PF30, BB30, T47
  • Spindle Diameter – 30mm, 29mm

The Cane Creek Hellbender 70 bottom bracket starts at $US 99 for popular models. The Hellbender Neo T47 retails for $US 150. Both products are available now through Cane Creek distributors and retailers or rider-direct in North America through


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