CADEX Launches One-Piece 190g AR Handlebar for Comfort & Control Over Mixed-Terrain

cadex cycling ar handlebar review

The 190g CADEX AR handlebar is a lightweight one-piece carbon bar that delivers superior control and maximum comfort over rough roads and mixed-terrain.” – Cadex Cycling

CADEX, the manufacturer of high-performance cycling products, announces the launch of their second handlebar and first all-road focused product, the CADEX AR handlebar. The bar weighs in at a mere 190g (size 420mm) and features an innovative one-piece, no bond mold construction.

cadex cycling ar handlebar review

Ergonomics have been optimized on the CADEX AR handlebar with a subtle back sweep for increased comfort on the climb, as an 8-degree flare and 3-degree out and back sweep provide full control for sprinting and descending all roads, all day long. This superlight yet ultra-strong composite handlebar sets a new standard for high-performance all-road riding.”

cadex cycling ar handlebar review

The CADEX AR handlebar features the same precision carbon fiber layup technique found in CADEX WheelSystems as well as the unique one-piece, no bond mold construction debuted on the ultra-light CADEX Race bar earlier this year. This single-piece composite construction eliminates the excess weight and inherent flex found in the bonded joints of traditional three-piece bars, resulting in a bar that is both lightweight and stiff.”

cadex cycling ar handlebar review

“With the new CADEX AR handlebar, we’re bringing the innovative one-piece, no bond manufacturing technique first introduced on the Race handlebar to the all-road experience,” says Jeff Schneider, Global Head of Product for CADEX. “The result is a super light yet ultra-strong sub-200 gram bar that combines ergonomic shaping, enough back sweep to bring the rider slightly more upright, and just enough flare to deliver full control in all conditions.”

cadex cycling ar handlebar review

Key Features

  • 8-degree flare and 3-degree out sweep
    • Provides total control over rough roads and mixed-terrain, while increasing comfort on your all day missions.
  • Extended 40mm tails on the drops
    • Adds maximum stability and leverage for increased confidence when sprinting or descending.
  • Short Reach and Shallow Drop
    • A reach of 70mm and a drop of 115mm enable a quick transition from the bar tops and hoods, for added control when switching hand positions.
  • One-Piece Construction
    • An advanced one-piece mold manufacturing process and carbon fiber layup offer outstanding stiffness and durability at an ultralight weight.
  • Di2 Compatible
    • Compatible with Shimano Di2 bar-end style junction (EW-RS 910).

cadex cycling ar handlebar review

Technical Specifications

  • Full one-piece, no bond carbon bar
  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Width (hood to hood): 400mm | 420mm | 440mm | 460mm
  • Width (bar end to bar end) : 460mm | 480mm | 500mm | 520mm
  • Flare: 8 degrees
  • Outsweep: 3 degrees
  • Backsweep: 3 degrees
  • Drop: 115mm
  • Reach: 70mm
  • Weight: 185g (400mm) | 190g (420mm) | 195g (440mm) | 200g (460mm)

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