2016 Interbike: Speedplay Syzr Pedals – And Interview with Speedplay’s Founder

speedplaysyzr2016-1From Speedplay’s Facebook presence – “Founded in San Diego, California, Speedplay embraces a nontraditional approach to product development resulting in an exceptional line of pedals which are reflective of the shared passion cyclists have for the sport. Through partnerships with the sport’s top professional teams and by incorporating feedback from the most demanding riders in the world, after thousands of miles, under the harshest conditions, Speedplay creates the pedals that have helped cyclists around the world win the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia, the Olympics, the World Road and Time Trial Championships, Paris-Roubaix and the Hawaii Ironman World Championship. Even with this in mind, Speedplay’s ultimate goal is to satisfy the daily demands of all riders.

The Speedplay Syzr Cleat – At right are the float adjustment screws.

Unlike other pedal systems, a rider’s power is transferred directly to Speedplay’s Syzr pedals through the cleats – whereas other systems rely on the spongy rubber lugs of the shoe sole to accomplish the same feat. Additionally, Speedplay use “Active Cleat Stabilization Technology” – in a nutshell, through much tighter tolerances, the connection between cleat and pedal virtually eliminates the play so common to many off-road / gravel pedal systems.

Speedplay’s Syzr pedals are the first off-road system to offer user adjustable float – up to 10 degrees. For those folks riding Speedplay’s Zero pedals, the float adjustment works in a similar way and is adjusted directly at the cleat.


Roller-cam technolgoy features in the Syzr cleat design to ensure consistent release, no matter the conditions. Because there is no metal-to-metal contact like other pedals, the ceramic roller-cams in Syzr cleats do not seize during release – additionally, the ceramic contact points are very durable.

Engagement – Speedplay’s Syzr use “target acquisition technology” – funnel shaped guides to steer the cleat into the pedal’s latching mechanism. Speedplay have optimized security engagement as well, by reversing the typical orientation of the pedal’s pivoting latch. This new design prevents accidental release during hard efforts because the rider is no longer pulling up against the latch gate.

When conditions turn bad, the Syzr pedals use Speedplay’s “Open Architecture Design”. This design feature prevents mud on the shoe sole from interfering with engagement and preventing the cleats from clogging or binding.

The Syzr system is best explained in our short video with Speedplay Founder and Inventor, Richard Byrne.

Speedplay Syzr - Used by Ted King at 2016 Dirty Kanza. Photo by Linda Guerrette.
Speedplay Syzr – Used victoriously by Ted King at 2016 Dirty Kanza. Photo by Linda Guerrette.

New for 2017 – Fixing Leg Length Discrepancies

Because of the unique design of the Speedplay Syzr pedal – two separate metal plates attached to a composite body – this separation between the two halves of the pedal allow for a system of shims to enlarge the pedal body.

Photo from our friends at BikeRumor.com

Shims measure between 1mm – 2mm in depth and shouldn’t affect pedal engagement. The only limitation on such a system would be ground clearance.

Other Features:

Syzr pedals use precision needle and cartridge bearings and feature a convenient built-in grease-port for easy routine maintenance – just like their road pedals.

The original Speedplay Road Prototype.
The original Prototype Speedplay Road Pedal.

Available with five different spindle lengths for optimal pedal tuning and three spindle material choices – Chromoly ($US 165.00), Stainless Steel ($US 199.00) and Titanium ($US 389.00). Pricing is not yet available on the shim system.

Speedplay Pedals

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    1. Haha nice. We don’t have a pair of the pedals in our possession yet, but expect to a little later on. Good guys at RBA.

      1. I’ve had a pair since late March of this year. Just read the review. I would add that dismounting and walking multiple times in dry sand as well will make further dismounts during a ride “interesting”.

  1. I’ve been using Speedplay Frogs since 1997 and I haven’t found a better pedal, damn near indestructible, no moving parts, super easy entry/exit in even the worst conditions. Would love to try the new Syzr pedals though.

    1. Nice Ryan, I have never used Speedplay MTB anything, but been on the road pedals, nowadays Zero’s, since 1996. Hope to review a set of Syzr’s if Speedplay were to read this.

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