2016 Interbike: Orbea Terra Carbon Gravel Bike


Orbea is a bicycle manufacturer based in the Basque Country of Spain. The company opened its doors way back in 1840 as a firearms manufacturer, but added bicycles to its portfolio in 1930. For several years, the company sponsored the Euskatel-Euskadi team, whose riders and bikes were easily recognizable in the European road professional peloton with their distinctive orange bikes and team kits. Orbea Mountain and Tri-bikes have also made an impression, appearing under the likes of riders such as Julian Absalon and Craig Alexander.


For 2017, Orbea enters into the gravel cycling market with the Terra – designed as a cyclocross and gravel bike, the Terra is slated for release sometime in December of 2016 with three distinct models and price points.


Distinctive on the Orbea Terra is the paint. Ordinarily reserved for the company’s prototype bikes and resembling one of Eddy Van Halen’s guitars, the Terra’s unique livery may see the light of day as a production option?


This isn’t the first time Orbea has used the Terra name. About three years ago, their cantilever brake equipped carbon cyclocross bike was known as the Terra and ‘repped by the women’s Luna Pro Team.


The build kit on the Orbea Terra show bike at Interbike featured a single chainring SRAM build kit, but front derailleur mounting points are present.


We can only assume the Orbea Terra will be offered with single and double chainring configurations once they sort out the three models they will be offering for 2017. SRAM’s Force 1 crankset pictured above.

orbeaterra2016-3SRAM Force rear derailleur, with cabling run internally through the chainstay. Internal cabling can be a tad painful to setup, but it looks clean and keeps the elements at bay – an important element for gravel cycling or cyclocross.



A view of the Terra’s headtube, where internal brake and derailleur cables enter the frame.


Orbea plan to construct the Terra from the company’s second-tier OMP high modulus carbon fiber. This the same carbon material as used in their road endurance bike, the Avant. Orbea tout this material as offering the perfect balance of stiffness and durability – perfect for any bike taking the gravel road less traveled.

orbeaterra2016-11Schwalbe G-One tyres measuring 700c x 40mm were installed on the Terra show bike, and there is a good amount of clearance between the stays pictured above.

orbeaterra2016-18Orbea plan to use the BB386 EVO press-fit bottom bracket on the Terra, which is what the company uses on most of their bicycles.


Orbea utilize the latest flat-mount disc brake standard – the Terra will support 140mm and 160mm rotors at both ends of the bike.


Thru-axles feature front and rear, and both are of the 12mm variety.


Clearance beneath the Terra’s straight blade fork is excellent, with plenty of room for the Schwalbe G-One 700c x 40mm tyre fitted to the show bike’s front wheel.


Orbea have done a nice job of neatly hiding brake and derailleur cables on the Terra.


Another view of the 12mm thru-axle and 160mm brake rotor fitted to the front wheel.


Love or hate the paint on the Orbea Terra, it certainly stands out!



Expected MSRP on the Orbea Terra starts at $US 3,000.00. Deliveries are expected around December of 2016, but we imagine they’ll begin appearing at your local Orbea dealer sometime early in 2017.

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  1. Avatar Heffe

    This bike looks especially intriguing to me; hopefully they will lose the paint job!

    Here’s a big thanks to you guys for all of the Interbike coverage… I’ve heard that there were “lots” of gravel bikes at the show but the online coverage has felt relatively light.

    • JOM JOM

      Heffe, from the conversation I had with the blokes at the Orbea booth, if this paint scheme makes production, it would be a limited run. A more toned down offering will be available.

      Appreciate someone noticing my Interbike efforts! I worked hard to grab photos and information of just about every gravel bike and related product at the show. I still have many more to put online, so keep coming back and spread the word! Thanks!

  2. Avatar Michael

    I like the paint! This bike looks very nice! Any frameset prices?

    • JOM JOM

      Sorry, no information on that yet. The bike hits the market in December.

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