2016 Interbike: Enigma Ecroix – The British Made Gravel / Cross Bike

EnigmaEcroix2016-1Excerpt from Enigma’s website – “Although the Enigma story started just 10 years ago, the roots of the business go back almost half a century to when company founder Jim Walker was given his first bike by his Dad. It was a second hand and well used steel thoroughbred that his father bought from a relative for a couple of pounds and the bike was adorned with a very distinctive white, red and green colour scheme. The colours were not to everyone’s taste, but they were loved by Jim and can still be found in a slightly more modern style on his bikes to this day.”

EnigmaEcroix2016-19“Jim’s love affair with cycling and cycles started that day and he has been lucky enough to work with bikes within the bicycle industry almost his entire working life. It would be fair to assume that after almost 50 years, Jim’s passion for cycling would have dimmed, but nothing could be further from the truth. His love of the bike and the industry is as strong as it has ever been. Enigma is the ultimate embodiment of his desire to build beautiful bikes here in Britain.”

EnigmaEcroix2016-7Available in steel or titanium, the Enigma Ecroix pictured is constructed using Columbus Zona for the main tubes, and Columbus Life for the seat and chain stays.

EnigmaEcroix2016-23Enigma, more than a company whose frame production centers around producing a few stock sizes, offers custom geometry for the Ecroix in steel, stainless steel and titanium. The show sample measures 55cm on the virtual top tube.

EnigmaEcroix2016-22The company is family owned and operated. Rare nowadays; we met owner and founder Jim Walker at the Interbike show, along with the company’s United States representative, Michael Musil of British Cycle Imports. Behind the scenes is Joe Walker – Lead Welder, Matt Walker – Sales and Christine Walker – Accounting.

EnigmaEcroix2016-3The paint on the Ecroix is stunning and almost too good to get dirty! There are no decals in use anywhere on this bike – everything is painted – in house. While the sample Ecroix may feature the British Union Jack flag on its headtube, the company is expanding paint options to include other countries.

EnigmaEcroix2016-17The Enigma C-Six Carbon disc brake fork features a carbon tapered steerer with options. The Enigma branded headset is manufactured by Token, renown for high quality components.

EnigmaEcroix2016-5For ease of swapping wheels on the Enigma Ecroix show bike, it featured regular 9mm quick release compatible dropouts.

EnigmaEcroix2016-16Thru-axles are available as an option for the front and rear of the Ecroix.

EnigmaEcroix2016-14Those with an eye to hand built frames will recognize the Paragron dropouts on the Ecroix. Also note the rack and fender mounts.

EnigmaEcroix2016-24EnigmaEcroix2016-26Traditional post type brake mounting is used on the Ecroix – we’ve stated this in other articles – braking feel with this standard is just the same as the latest post mount standard.

EnigmaEcroix2016-20Bucking the trend for internalized cables, the Enigma Ecroix routes everything externally. The carbon seatpost and seatclamp are Enigma branded items.

EnigmaEcroix2016-4Externally routed cables are a boon If you perform your own mechanical work – and, your local bike shop mechanic may really appreciate this feature too!

EnigmaEcroix2016-27External cup bottom bracket, English threading. Easy to install, easy to maintain and plenty of bottom bracket options.

EnigmaEcroix2016-18The rear hydraulic brake cable may cross over the front derailleur cable, but in no way impedes the function of the front derailleur.

EnigmaEcroix2016-15The Enigma Ecroix show bike features the well-proven Shimano Ultegra 11-speed hydraulic brake drivetrain.

EnigmaEcroix2016-25Reynolds ATR carbon gravel wheels and Kenda’s Happy Medium tyres in 32mm were mounted to the Ecroix show sample. However, we have confirmed a 38mm tyre that measures a true 38mm in width will fit. Additionally, a 650b x 2.0″ tyre will fit as well.

EnigmaEcroix2016-13Before any of Enigma’s bikes are shipped to customers in the USA, they are inspected and prepared – and if applicable, built and then shipped by Michael Musil of British Cycle Import. Above, the company’s own components – bar, stem and handlebar tape finish the build.

EnigmaEcroix2016-9Michael’s work is top notch and compliments the high quality of the Enigma Ecroix – Michael built all of the Interbike show bikes for Enigma.

EnigmaEcroix2016-12Remember, those aren’t decals pictured above.

EnigmaEcroix2016-11The classy and elegant Union Jack paint scheme adds $775 to the base cost of the Enigma Ecroix.

EnigmaEcroix2016-2As pictured, the Enigma Ecroix show bike weighs approximately 21lbs. For those looking to go a little lighter, Titanium is the other material Enigma Bicycle Works specialize in.


MSRP on the Ecroix in this article is $US 6,000.00 – very reasonable when you consider the craftsmanship that has gone into this gorgeous bike.

Custom geometry upcharges – $US 150.00 for steel, $US 250.00 for stainless steel and $US 450.00 for titanium.

USA Sales Inquiries can be directed to Michael Musil at 440-385-6790 or Email.

Enigma Bicycle Works

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