Featured Event: La Resistance – La Plage, Talloires, France

From the Promoter:   La Resistance is back for its second edition this September. After a successful inaugural event last year, La Resistance is back in 2017, bigger and better. More gravel sections have been added to the challenging Alpine route and a 3-day bike packing event called Tour de la Resistance has been added […]

A Letter to the Editor of VeloNews: “America’s Dirty Secret” by K-Dogg

K-Dogg wrote a letter (email) to the Editor of Velonews, concerning the August 2017 print edition of the magazine. Velonews just doesn’t get it. I was hopeful your August 2017 edition could help the explain the rising popularity of gravel cycling and the subsequent decline of road cycling.   Perhaps USA Cycling and the negative roadie […]

Hard Men of Australia: Road Racing in the late 1940’s to early 1970’s – on Gravel

Long before the advent of tubeless tyres, electronic shifting, GPS navigation, power meters and now suspension – on gravel bikes – there were the hard men of road racing. These lads raced steel framed road bikes with downtube friction shifting, exposed brake cables and tyres that more often than not, weren’t up to the job […]

Review: Gore Apparel Men’s Oxygen Gore-Tex 2.0 Active Jacket

This review comes to you during the heat of the northern hemisphere summer. But somewhere on planet Earth, it is cold and possibly wet. I discovered the true meaning of cold and wet earlier this year, during my appearance at the Land Run 100 gravel bike race in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Dressing for cold weather in the […]

The Floribama (Florida / Alabama) Gravel Cycling Weekend

The areas of northwestern Florida, southwestern Georgia and southeastern Alabama have been on my ride exploration list for some time. Events such as the Dirty Pecan 150 and Spaghetti 100 traverse the roads close to Monticello and Tallahassee, the capital city of Florida, but I’ve often wondered about roads in the vicinity of the panhandle […]

Review: Catlike Whisper Helmet – Ventilation Galore

A full 11 years after its debut, the Catlike Whisper remains quite possibly the most distinctive and instantly recognizable cycling helmet to achieve substantial market share. With 39 huge oval-shaped air openings, this helmet (sorry, we’re not going to call it a “lid” at any point in this review) is one which must only be […]

Video Interview: Mark Lynskey of Lynskey Performance Designs – Part One

JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew interviews Mark Lynskey, CEO of Lynskey Performance Designs, a company renown for their high-performance titanium bicycle frames. In Part One, Mark goes over the history and founding of the Lynskey company. Check out our Lynskey Factory Tour Video and our review of the Lynskey GR250. Don’t forget to Like the Gravel […]

VIDEO: Demonstration of Focus R.A.T. (Rapid Axle Technology)

Nowadays, thru-axles are the norm on most new gravel bikes, and at the level of professional road racing in the WorldTour, the technology is slowing inching its way in. But thru-axles aren’t always noted for their speed of a wheel change. Speed isn’t so important in gravel cycling and racing, but in road racing, speed […]