Featured Bike: Paul Errington’s Shand Stooshie Gravel Bike

“Shand is a small independent British bicycle company located in Scotland, fabricating hand-built production bikes here in the UK as well as designing and supplying carbon fibre bikes manufactured by our partners.” “Started in 2003 by Steven Shand, Shand originally focussed on one-off made-to-order frames, mostly drop-bar off-road bikes but ‘cross bikes, mountain bikes and […]

Review: Lauf Grit Fork – Does it take the edge off the rough stuff?

Nowadays, it seems every manufacturer has a gravel bike on the market, or at least in the works and on the drawing board. Cyclocross bikes have served well for long excursions onto one’s favorite gravel roads, but manufacturers have taken those designs further with bikes tweaked for gravel cycling; changes to geometry, clearance for bigger tyres and […]