Mother Nature: Niagara Falls, USA

Something a little different. During our travels throughout the USA and the rest of the planet, we frequently come across amazing scenes, landscape and marvels of mother nature. Captured by drone camera during JOM’s late April / early May visit to the 2017 Paris to Ancaster Race, JOM captured footage of the world famous Niagara Falls, from the USA side of the fence.

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5 comments on “Mother Nature: Niagara Falls, USA

  1. Great video! Beautiful scene.

    @WC – There are 4,200 recognized religions in the world. Which god created this?

    1. Thanks Tim. Yours truly is staying well out of religion discussions… and politics too… 🙂 just gravel cycling fun and scenery. Hope to capture some imagery from Zion National Park on the way to Beaver, Utah for Crusher in the Tushar – which will crush me.

  2. Don’t you wish you had that much power at the end of a long gravel grinding race all of which I know nothing about yet. 😀

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