Survey: How do you Roll on Gravel?

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2 comments on “Survey: How do you Roll on Gravel?

  1. My riding buddy and I are planning to organize a gravel race in central Louisiana for next Fall.
    Might y’all be able to help us with and suggestions or resources?

    1. Hi Allen,

      I’ve run a couple of events of my own, here is a little advice for you:

      1. Keep it small for your first attempt at an event.
      2. Scout your route well – pre-ride a couple of days beforehand in the event weather has changed the course conditions.
      3. Utilize Facebook and other social media to help generate interest for your event – establish an event page. Contact entities such as Gravel Cyclist for inclusion onto their event calendar! Take plenty of photos.
      4. If you’re affiliated with a cycling club, it may be beneficial to run the event through the club for the reasons of liability insurance – generally, most insurance companies charge $3 per rider per event. If you market your event as a ride, you can avoid a lot of the pitfalls associated with racing. For example, my last event was a charity ride – no licences required – people of all abilities were invited, but as you probably know, the fast guys were interested in riding as fast as possible, so it turned into a race for them.
      5. Have course maps available in digital form at the very least. For my events, I do digital only – people are welcome to print the auto-generated cue sheets, even if they are a tad suspect at times.
      6. Allow yourself plenty of time for planning – which you seem to have done.
      7. To generate further interest – this was alluded to a little in point 4 – if you do charge money, keep it cheap and perhaps benefit a local charity. If applicable, involve a local restaurant or brewery – gravel cyclists love socializing after a ride or race event. Why should the fun end after the ride?
      8. Check out my event page for my Heartbreaker event here – for some ideas of how I’ve done it. I used a skeleton crew of four people, including myself, and typically I ride my own event. I had one for registration, two for the sag stop and myself as the organiser.

      Near what town is your event planned? When I owned a USA Cycing license, I raced Rouge Roubaix three times, with a best placing of 5th in Masters 40+… tough race!

      I hope this helps!

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