VIDEO: Gainesville, Florida after Hurricane Irma

JOM and members of the Gravel Cyclist crew rode bicycles around parts of Gainesville, Florida, and surrounding areas, in the days after Hurricane Irma. For the most part, this part of Florida was very fortunate to escape with minimal damage. Scenes include Hogtowne Creek, Super Cool Bike Shop, Newnans Lake, Baden Powell Road. Don’t forget […]

Interview: All about Rebecca’s Private Idaho with Christopher Keiser & Alex Wassman

This year, Rebecca’s Private Idaho ventured into new territory with a gravel stage race. JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew interviewed a couple of lads from Northern California – Mr Christopher Keiser and Mr Alex Wassmann – to capture their thoughts on the event. This interview was filmed on the rest day after Stage 2, but […]

1x or 2x Cranksets / Drivetrains for Gravel Bikes?

There is a dilemma in the world of gravel cycling relating to the crankset / drivetrain. Admittedly, it is a first world problem but the question being posed is:   1x or 2x drivetrain? Or single or double chainring?… if you prefer.   JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew canvassed a stack of riders on […]

Interview: Bobby Thompson – The Casual Cyclist!

Before the 2017 edition of Rebecca’s Private Idaho kicked off, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew interviewed Mr Bobby Thompson, also known as The Casual Cyclist. In this brief interview, JOM and Bobby discuss their expectations for the inaugural “Queen’s Stage Race”, a 3-day gravel stage race format, new for Rebecca’s Private Idaho. P.S. We […]

VIDEO: 2017 Red Clay Ramble – Milledgeville / Eatonton, Georgia

August 19, 2017 marked the 5th running of the Red Clay Ramble, a 56-mile gravel race held in Middle Georgia, USA. This reasonably short race encourages fast gravel racing, and that was the case at the 2017 edition. JOM and the Gravel Cyclist crew of K-Dogg and Dr. Pain made the drive from Gainesville, Florida […]

VIDEO: Episode 9 – Ask the Gravel Cyclist Crew a Question!

Episode Nine of “Ask the Gravel Cyclist Crew a Question” can be seen below. Questions in this episode: What would be the most development for gravel riding? Ultegra Di2 derailleur with a clutch? Mixing Shimano Road Di2 with MTB Di2 (i.e. Ultegra Di2 front / XTR Di2 rear)?  SRAM eTap with a clutch? SRAM eTap MTB? […]

Video Interview: Mark Lynskey of Lynskey Performance Designs – Part Two

JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew interviews Mark Lynskey, CEO of Lynskey Performance Designs, a company renown for their high-performance titanium bicycle frames. In Part Two, Mark discusses the manufacturing process and titanium tubing. Check out our Lynskey Factory Tour Video and our review of the Lynskey GR250. Part One of our interview with Mark Lynskey is […]

Video Review: Bontrager TLR FlashCharger Floor Pump – Can it replace an air compressor?

“Game-Changer – With Flash Charger TLR, setting up tubeless tires at home and on the road is a snap.’s product of the year is a designed for efficient installation of Tubeless Ready TLR tires without the need for a compressor. A pressurizable chamber instantly releases air creating seamless tubeless tire seating. Air compressors are […]