VIDEO: Australian Gravel – The Mount Pleasant to Apamurra Gravel Loop

Mount Pleasant is a small town in South Australia, founded in 1843. The town is located just north of the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia, but there are plenty of rolling hills in the area. The area is known for its grain production and sheep farming. Apamurra is home to a large grain silo and […]


VIDEO: Australian Gravel – The Ol’ Dirty Ride – Warburton, Victoria

“Ol’ Dirty” is a yearly event organized by Andy Van Bergen of the Hells 500 crew – part of their blurb reads – “It all started with a bunch of guys who liked riding in the hills. Too much. We liked the fact that as hill riders we were on the fringe, so rather than […]


VIDEO: Australian Gravel – The Bendigo Victoria Gravel and Velodrome Ride

Bendigo, Victoria, Australia – Located near the virtual geographical centre of the state of Victoria and close to Melbourne, the town is known for its goldrush during the 1850’s, and a flourishing cycling scene on the road and track. Not so well known is the low traveled network of gravel roads on the outskirts of […]


VIDEO: Australian Gravel – The 2017 New Year’s Day Gravel Ride

To mark the first day of 2017, JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew joined the lads from the Gravier Cycle Club and The Sticky Bidon, for a short, fun and relaxing gravel ride through the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. The Gravier lads were ready for the ride, still wearing their clothes from a New Year’s […]


VIDEO: Australian Gravel – The Last Ride of 2016

To mark the last day of 2016, I thought it a brilliant idea to explore the gravel roads near the South Australian hills town of Mount Barker. This is an area I have ridden in before. Because there are so many gravel roads beginning on the edge of town, and so many ways to link […]


VIDEO: How to Clean a Bicycle in 5 Minutes or Less – including the Chain!

Gravel cycling is dirty fun. JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew demonstrates how to clean a bicycle – any bicycle for that matter – in 5 minutes or less. Remember – It is important to keep your bike looking clean despite the fact it will be totally covered in crud after two or three rotations […]


VIDEO: 2016 Taiwan KOM Challenge

Friday, October 28, 2016, marked the 5th running of the grueling Taiwan KOM Challenge, beginning in Haulien, Taiwan. Organized by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, this race is one for the climbers – 105 kilometers / 65 miles in length, with the first 19 kilometers (11.8 miles) reasonably flat and held under race neutral. Once race neutral […]


VIDEO: 2016 Standard Deluxe Dirt Road Century – Waverly, Alabama

November 6th, 2016, the Gravel Cyclist crew of Taiwan JOM, K-Dogg Dr. Pain and guest rider, the Belgian Diesel, departed their USA hometown of Gainesville, Florida to attend the inaugural edition of the Standard Deluxe Dirt Road Century. You can check out JOM’s race report HERE – and K-Dogg’s race report HERE. Please enjoy the […]