DNF 2017 DK200: by K-Dogg

Don’t read this if you get depressed or bored easily. It’s about a DNF experience – not a victorious one – so go read something else. I crashed out.   It happens.  It happens to everybody sooner or later if you race enough. It happened to me at mile 52 just a few miles past […]

The 2017 Dirty Kanza 200 Gravel Race: Emporia, Kansas – JOM’s Race Report

Two hundred is a nice round number, it even rolls off the tongue nicely. Two… hundred… also the number of miles that competitors at one of the world’s biggest gravel races must traverse in order to finish. In reality, the distance is about 206 miles. The Dirty Kanza 200, a lilliputian event during its inaugural […]

Ride Report: Jeroboam 300 – Italian Gravel – by Paul Errington

Jeroboam 300 – A true challenge is one where to finish isn’t a certainty. XPDTN3 – 3 day bike adventures is what they do. We love bike expedition videos and blogs almost as much as we love going on bike expeditions. But like most of you, we don’t have the time for five weeks in […]

Race Report: 2017 Almanzo 100 – The Granddaddy of all Gravel Races

The Almanzo 100 touts itself as the race where it all began; the Granddaddy of all gravel races. If you call yourself a gravel cyclist, you’ve probably heard of Almanzo 100. Almanzo is a 100 mile gravel road race that starts and ends in the small Minnesota town of Spring Valley. Created in 2007 by […]

Race Report: 2017 Dirty Fury Stage Rush, Jacksboro, Texas – by Adrienne Taren

If you’re familiar with events like Red River Riot, Hell of the North, and Texas Chainring Massacre, then you’re familiar with The Spinistry (whether you know it or not). With the Dirty Fury Stage Rush, they prove that they take their slogan “long, hard & dirty” seriously – this 3-day stage gravel grinder in Jacksboro, […]

Race Report: 2017 Paris to Ancaster – Paris, County of Brant, Ontario, Canada

“For over a century the roads of northern Europe have been home to the toughest bicycle races in the world. The most famous of these, Paris to Roubaix, takes place each spring over brutal cobblestone roads that have been preserved in their historic condition for over 100 years. Inspired by this classic race, the Paris […]

Race Report: 2017 Bootlegger 100, Lenoir, North Carolina – by Libby Skinner

The Bootlegger 100 Race Report, or How the Only Woman Over Fifty Survived this Race. Lenoir, North Carolina April 22, 2017 The Bootlegger 100 was the toughest 108 miles I have ever done in my 30-plus years of cycling. Amazingly beautiful and Zen-like in Pisgah National Forest, but extremely difficult both climbing and descending.   […]

Race Report: 2017 Red River Riot, Muenster, Texas – by Adrienne Taren

From the race organizers: “The original Texas gravel grinder is back, bigger, badder and better than ever! It is a full day of amazing dirt roads, gorgeous scenery, Texas BBQ and great wine… what’s not to love?” Swayed by the promises of Texas barbeque and wine tasting, I made a last-minute decision to ride the […]