Race Report: The Day Across Minnesota – by Nicholas Garbis

The news of the “DAMN” — the “Day Across Minnesota” — spread pretty quickly through the gravel riding world of the North. For me, it was momentarily intriguing and then I recall feeling relieved at some later point that I had missed the registration cut off and would not be doing this totally insane thing. […]

Race Report: Bit by Crusher in the Tushar – by K-Dogg

I learn something major every race. This time, at Crusher in the Tushar, it was that 70 miles can be greater than 100 miles. Seventy miles at Crusher in the Tusher near Beaver, Utah was harder and longer than any other century race Team Gravel Cyclist has ever done… so far… I’m sure someone will […]

Race Report: 2017 Crusher in the Tushar – Beaver, Utah

Crusher in the Tushar – “uniquely-formatted race begins in historic downtown Beaver, the birthplace of  famed outlaw “Butch Cassidy” and finishes at Utah’s newest ski and Summer resort, Eagle Point. Featuring a near even split of tarmac and dirt/gravel sectors, it affords riders the opportunity to explore the stunning back country of Utah’s little-known Tushar […]

Race Report: Inaugural USECF Gravel Grinder Nationals – by Lawrence Dreyfus

The Inaugural USECF Gravel Grinder Nationals: The first of, hopefully many more to come. I was excited and a bit surprised when earlier this year the, newly-formed, United States Endurance Cycling Federation (USECF) announced the inaugural Gravel Grinder national championship race to be held in my hometown of Lawrence, Kansas! Call me biased, but northeast […]

Цуклинг Гревел Кинг (Tsukling Gravel King) Race Report – Saint Petersburg, Russia

Report by Dmitriy. Gravel cycling culture gains popularity around the world, and Russia is not an exception. Here it became popular mostly thanks to the “Цуклинг” community, which actively promotes adventure cycling and bikepacking. So, we thought that it was the right time to organize the first gravel race in Russia. Our main goal was […]

DNF 2017 DK200: by K-Dogg

Don’t read this if you get depressed or bored easily. It’s about a DNF experience – not a victorious one – so go read something else. I crashed out.   It happens.  It happens to everybody sooner or later if you race enough. It happened to me at mile 52 just a few miles past […]

The 2017 Dirty Kanza 200 Gravel Race: Emporia, Kansas – JOM’s Race Report

Two hundred is a nice round number, it even rolls off the tongue nicely. Two… hundred… also the number of miles that competitors at one of the world’s biggest gravel races must traverse in order to finish. In reality, the distance is about 206 miles. The Dirty Kanza 200, a lilliputian event during its inaugural […]

Ride Report: Jeroboam 300 – Italian Gravel – by Paul Errington

Jeroboam 300 – A true challenge is one where to finish isn’t a certainty. XPDTN3 – 3 day bike adventures is what they do. We love bike expedition videos and blogs almost as much as we love going on bike expeditions. But like most of you, we don’t have the time for five weeks in […]