Race Report: 2017 Middle Georgia Epic!

“The Middle Georgia Epic is the longest multi-surface road race in Georgia, offering 100km and 200km distances for racers to choose from. The race starts and finishes at the charming Blue Goose, Georgia’s only bike hostel, in Irwinton. Each route consists of gently rolling country roads, with approximately half the route paved, the other half a […]

Ride Report: 2017 Mudcrutch Gravel Team Time Trial

The Mudcrutch Gravel Team Time Trial ride, a ride for the Ladies and Gentlemen of gravel cycling. For those unaware of this concept, a Ladies / Gentlemen’s ride is a loosely formed team time trial among friends. Teams of riders numbering four to seven (there are no fixed rules on this) join together to ride a […]

Ride Report: Tour of the Quilt Country IV – Trenton, Florida

Normally held on Mother’s Day weekend, for the fourth annual edition of ToQC we experimented with an early season classic. This created the first de facto Gainesville HTFU Festival on the weekend of January 22nd, 2017. The annual Battle of Olustee road ride was set for the following day. Who would do the double? Gilchrist […]

Friday Flashback: Three Peaks USA – The 2012 Edition

Once upon a time, there was an amazing race promotion company who hailed from the mountains of Boone, North Carolina – Pirate Race Productions. Andrew Stackhouse, the man behind this operation was one of the many influences that inspired the foundation Gravel Cyclist. Sadly, Andrew left North Carolina and Pirate Race Productions is no longer… […]

Weekend Fun: Time Trialling on a Gravel Bike

With winter upon much of the US of A, the “season” of gravel racing is at a bit of a standstill until things begin ramping up again in January of 2017 – at least in some locales. For the Gravel Cyclist crew, we live in Gainesville, Florida and are still experiencing fantastic weather, despite losing […]

Race Report: K-Dogg’s take on the Standard Deluxe Dirt Road Century

On November 6th, 2016, the Gravel Cyclist team drove almost six hours North to attend our very first gravel race in Alabama – we had a blast. The venue was just outside of Auburn in the little ghost town of Waverly, just North of Opelika – pronounced “Oh Pa Lie Ka”, I am told. This […]

Race Report: Standard Deluxe Dirt Road Century – Waverly, Alabama

The Standard Deluxe Dirt Road Century is a brand new event for 2016. In fact, it is the first gravel event we are aware of in Alabama. Anyone care to correct me if I have that wrong? The best way to describe the venue that hosts the race is to directly quote from the Standard […]

2016 Spaghetti 100 – 62 Mile Dirt Epic Race Report: by K-Dogg

A day to play in the dirt!   The Spaghetti 100 is an event hosted by the Capital City Cyclists of Tallahassee, Florida, benefiting several charities relating to children’s cycling. 2016 marked the 33rd running of the event (held on Saturday, October 8th), which features rides on paved and dirt / gravel surfaces. The dirt […]