A Letter to the Editor of VeloNews: “America’s Dirty Secret” by K-Dogg

K-Dogg wrote a letter (email) to the Editor of Velonews, concerning the August 2017 print edition of the magazine. Velonews just doesn’t get it. I was hopeful your August 2017 edition could help the explain the rising popularity of gravel cycling and the subsequent decline of road cycling.   Perhaps USA Cycling and the negative roadie […]

Race Report: Bit by Crusher in the Tushar – by K-Dogg

I learn something major every race. This time, at Crusher in the Tushar, it was that 70 miles can be greater than 100 miles. Seventy miles at Crusher in the Tusher near Beaver, Utah was harder and longer than any other century race Team Gravel Cyclist has ever done… so far… I’m sure someone will […]

Dirty Kanza 200: Resurrection – by K-Dogg

Last year was my first and almost only DK200. The last 50 miles was the most misery I’ve experienced ever on a bike. I ran out of water, ran out of electrolytes, hated all my race food, had massive leg cramps, butt cramps, shoulder cramps, hours of nausea and the dreaded mental cramps. The mental cramps […]

Race Report: Assault on Mount Currahee – by K-Dogg

According to Wikipedia, Currahee is a Cherokee word for Mount “Stand Alone” and possibly meant someone who is very brave. There was also a vicious civil war battle (The Battle of Currahee) fought in 1864 between Union and Confederate soldiers. The Confederates won. The name Currahee was later adopted by the very brave 506th Parachute […]

Central Georgia Mud Madness or “Honey is it OK to pour straight bleach on lycra?” by K-Dogg

February 18th, Irwinton, Georgia from the Blue Goose Hostel. “K-Dogg! Where the hell have you been riding?” said J.D., my mechanic from Bike Works of Gainesville Florida. “Your brakes are totally jammed up with some kind of sticky orange splort. I had to replace your brand new cables and housings and crack open all your […]

Fried Green 50 2015 Race Report: by K-Dogg

Politically correct or not, I love the Uncle Remus stories. As a kid I wanted to be Br’er Rabbit, who constantly eluded or outwitted Br’er Fox. The stories were written by Joel Chandler Harris who lived in Eatonton, Georgia almost next door to Juliette, host town of the Fried Green 50.   So I (K-Dogg) […]

Pisgah Monster Cross 2015 Race Report – “Tales of Eldorado”: by K-Dogg

Tales of Eldorado If you read any of our recent blogs you know I (K-Dogg) descend like a plucked chicken with vertigo. I admit it freely and so do my unkind teammates. They try to help with advice like: “Never touch your brakes – it only slows you down.” “Your bike steers toward what you […]

Observations: Things You Give Up as a Gravel Cyclist by K-Dogg

Our man K-Dogg gives his take on at least twelve things you give up as a Gravel Cyclist. Chains and cassettes that last more than one race. Chains and cassettes that last more than one rain ride. Kits with any white on them. Anything raced in Georgia is permanently orange. Months after Southern Cross, even […]