Dogears GPS Garmin repair review

Review: DOGEARS GPS – Garmin Billet Aluminum Mounting Plate – Fix Your Broken Garmin!

If you treat your Garmin unit right, it can last for years. But even when you do, sometimes problems arise. In my case, after more than 4 years of switching the 800 Edge unit between gravel, road and mountain bikes, eventually, the tabs on the bottom disc began to crack. Noticing the beginnings of this […]

Tour of Ara 2017: Bighead’s Big Adventure (Part Three – Final) – By Todd Leedy

Stage Five – Naaim de Vos: Calvinia to Sutherland, 161km “The morning road is, um, not in great condition”   Heading over to Hantam Huis for breakfast in the usual cold morning vest and arm warmers, I noticed the streets surprisingly slightly wet and a heavy mist in the air. No sign of pre-dawn light […]

Tour of Ara 2017: Bighead’s Big Adventure (Part Two) – By Todd Leedy

Stage Three – Mbotshwa Buda: Middelpos to Calvinia, 98km “There is something sticking out of your head” During our braai dinner following stage two, we heard the unfortunate news that Tour of Ara organizer Stan Engelbrecht’s beloved Alpina had been diagnosed with a cracked downtube. A fourth completed Tour not in the cards, he was […]

Tour of Ara 2017: Bighead’s Big Adventure (Part One) – By Todd Leedy

Prologue “Because I’m 50!” The Tour of Ara is a six-day stage race over a predominantly gravel road course in the ‘Great Karoo’ area of Northern Cape Province, South Africa. It began in 2014 as the brainchild of Stan Engelbrecht. Stan also runs the South Africa official L’Eroica event each year so you know he […]

Review: WTB Nano Comp Tire 700c x 40mm

This review comes to us courtesy of Big Head Todd – he’s local to Gainesville, Florida, friend of the Gravel Cyclist crew, and promoter of the best cyclocross race in Florida; Swamp Cross! Over to BHT… Lots of product reviews focus on the newest or lightest or priciest. And folks seem to eat that stuff […]

Ride Report AND Video: 2015 Tour of the Quilt Country II

Ride report by Big Head Todd, filming and video production by JOM. A Little about the Tour of the Quilt Country II Gilchrist and Levy counties in North Central Florida each have Quilt shops and Quilt museums. They also have a great network of low traffic limerock roads. The second running of the tour consists […]

Suwannee Surround / Mud ‘n’ Such Re-Cap: by Big Head Todd

With the postponement of Gravel Cyclist’s Mudcrutch TTT event (scheduled for Sunday, April 26) only a few days prior for medical reasons (see post on recovery), Big Head Todd (BHT) was encouraged by some out of towners to put together an alternate ride for anyone still planning on making the trip to Gainesville, Florida. BHT […]

Training Ride 101 – The Eve of Eve Evening Ride wherein K-Dogg Meets Big Pink

This Tuesday’s GCX ride report courtesy of BHT (Big Head Todd) With the onset of holiday travels big and small plus one regular on a “rest week” (yeah, we didn’t know what he was on about either) the ranks were somewhat depleted, leaving only Dr. Pain, K-Dogg, Die Fraulein, BHT, and Mr. International to contest […]